Acne Testimonials

"Hello, Jonas family! I just want to let you know how much I LOVE your soap! I have tried two other goats' milk soap companies on etsy and yours is BY FAR the best! The others did not last long at all and didn't lather. I just wanted to let you know your hard work is really helping people. I am 55 years old and have had cystic acne all my life. I have tried everything, even prescription acne medication and skin peels. Your Purity Soap is the only thing that has cleared it up without drying my skin out. Thank you!"
- Laura

"I just wanted to say thank you for making such quality products. I am 23 and have been struggling with acne for about 10 years. About a month ago, my grandmother gave me a bar of your clean cotton soap. I did some research, and decided to ditch all of my prescription soaps and creams to give it a serious try. I am so happy I did!
After about 2 weeks of washing my face with your soap twice a day, I noticed that instead of breaking out, I would only get 1 or 2 pimples every few days. That alone was huge progress for my skin. As of today, after going through almost a bar and a half of the clean cotton soap over a month, I am 100% clear and haven't seen any acne in about a week and a half.
This has done wonders for my confidence, which has helped me socially, at work, and at school. I can't believe that after everything I have tried, and all these years, the simplicity of goat milk soap was the answer. I am a new lifelong customer! Thank you so much! "
- Meg

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU JONAS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the tea tree oil soap for acne and my face hasn't been this clear in such a long time. I've been recommending you to everyone I know. I actually bought my niece soap for eczema and she loves it. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"
- Alesha 

"Hi guys :) Have to say we are still enjoying your soaps. I have to make sure there's always one available because my kids ,who are starting to get acne , remind me before we run out. There acne disappears in 1 to 2 days and they love it! I just recently bought your shaving soap along with the shaving brush and bowl. My husband loves it since he has sensitive skin! Leaves his face soft and he only nicked himself once but the nick didn't even bother him the next day. Usually it will be sensitive to the touch. He can't go back to the store bought products. I ordered a stick of your lotion and oh my gosh it has doubly helped my face and hands! Sooooo soft and smooth , it's the only product that's worked especially for my hands. Thanks guys, looking forward to trying the rest of your products!!" 
- Norma Ann, Matthew 6:33

"Once again GMS saves the day! Purity worked wonders with my son's sensitive baby skin and now I have a new one month old daughter with similar skin. We're dealing with some baby acne right now and after two days of using purity soap it's almost cleared up. Thank you Jonas family!!!"
- Lezlie 

"I just wanted to write to say "Thank You!!" for making this soap! I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 month old, both with sensitive skin. The 4 1/2 month old even more so. When she was born we used the typical Johnson's soap. She immediately broke out in the worst baby acne. We changed to Aveeno baby and that helped matters, but then winter came. Since then, my poor girl has had these terrible dry patches that she itches the moment I get her clothes off. Nothing I have tried has helped. I decided to give your purity soap a try. I used it last night and tonight for her bath, and almost all of the dry patches are already gone!! I'm so so so happy. My son was excited to try out the new soap so he didn't get "crocodile skin" as he calls it. And I can't wait to try it out myself now too. I have psoriasis issues, so I'm eager to see if this will help ease my flare ups too. Thank you so much. We will be continuing to buy soap from you forever and ever. =)"
- Courtney

"Love the purity bar soap. I have very sensitive skin and the detergents and preservatives used in other soaps irritate my skin. My son has keratis pilaris and the purity soap keeps his skin free of bumps and cleared up teen acne. Last but not least, it soothes my husband's rosacea. It's the only soap my whole family uses. Love the fresh, clean scent and lather too!"
- Teri 

"Just wanted to thank you for the unbelievably fast delivery of my order. I placed the order early morning Feb 19 and I already received it today (Saturday). My 16 year has acne prone skin and he has been on me to get him more of the tea tree soap since it worked amazingly well for him. Pretty funny to see a 16 year old "cool" guy get excited over soap. :)"
- Monika

"I rarely leave testimonials or reviews on anything I order online, but I have to for these products. My skin is ultra sensitive and I kept hives on my legs, arms, neck, and face from various products or simple stuff like hugging my puppy. Sounds so clique but the soap has changed my life. Just after a couple of uses the hives disappeared, the itching gone, and my face is clear. It has helped with mild periodic acne and it seems to have softened my skin some, and it does not leave soap scum! I love all scents I have tried so far and can not wait till I run out of what I have so I can order something new. I have just ordered the deodorant and shampoo and am excited to try both. I want to Thank the Jonas family for sharing your natural products and am excited to see what is next. I will never use reg body or face soap again..... Awesome stuff! God Bless"
- Jeanne  

"I have been using the products for a couple months now, and I cannot say enough good things about it! The tea tree soap has made a huge improvement on my daughter's skin and completely cleared up the oil/acne problems. I recently tried the lotion stick and an super pleased with it. I highly recommend this family's products not only to support small business, but it is amazing how your skin reacts to not having all of the harsh chemicals used you get from store bought products."
- Amanda

"I waited to see the results of your soap on my skin before leaving a testimony.
I never really suffered from skin issues or acne as a teenager. But since I turned 18, I have had problem areas in my face in the classical t-area and dry skin elsewhere. A bit over two years ago I decided to start a serious fight against spots. I used my well-known-brand facial wash every morning and evening and it did help a little bit. Then I switched to your Tea Tree Oil Soap. I was delighted by the results! I have been afraid that washing my face with soap would leave my skin feel dry, but that is not an issue at all. GMS soap cleanses but doesn't dry my face. I use it twice a day and my skin has never been this clean. I was pregnant at the time I started to use the soap, so I have been waiting to see if the results last after all those baby hormones are gone. I am happy to say that I will never go back to any other products on my face!!! I don't even need a moisturizer anymore, which is crazy because I have dry skin and have been using a moisturizing lotion on my face since 5th grade! Your soap is amazing!
I gave a bar of Fiji soap to a friend last winter when she was suffering from dry hands and it made a big difference! Thank you!
Next I will try your shampoos and deodorant!" 
- Henna-Maria

"Just wanted to say I received my order today! I am so impressed with your company! I was so impressed I am passing your info around Facebook as I have lots of friends who use organic natural things. First, I tried the almond soap. I've never smelt a better smell. You were also kind enough to include a tea tree bar for my daughter who has acne. She and I both can't believe how much better our skin feels!! No more tightness or soreness and her skin doesn't burn from all the acids! I am a true believer now in your soaps!! I will ABSOLUTELY be back for more soap (I may give up body wash altogether and use only your soaps!). I'm also going to give the laundry soap and toothpaste a try!!"
- Julie

"I saw you on the Huckabee show and fell in love with your family.
We have battled acne with our teens for years and used most everything on the market. Ordered the tea soap and we are amazed the healing effect on grandson,s face in just 3 weeks. Placed second order today. Thank you for making Goat Milk Stuff."
- Ann 

"My family and I love your soaps. Keep up the good work cuz it helps the teens/preteens in my family with their acne, and it's the only soap that my won't irritate my face. I'm 35 and i've everything was irritating since my teen years. One day i was so frustrated , i sat in front of my computer , prayed about it before i started my search and came across you guys 2 searches later Got one for my niece and nephew and it's worked wonders! My nephew had severe acne and was using Proactive but it wasn't working so he's pretty surprised a bar of soap cleared it up. Took maybe 3 months cuz he had it pretty bad. All he has now are blemishes that seem to be fading cuz of your soaps. AWESOME!"
- Norma 

"I absolutely love the smell of the "Organic Castile" soap. It is purely unscented - but there is a light, natural smell that comes from the goats milk in this bar. I have to say that the smell of the goats milk is HEAVENLY! You know how everyone says that new-born babies just smell so good, and there is no way to describe the smell (nothing to compare it to)? Well, I think the smell of the goats milk could hold a candle to that smell - it is so clean and fresh smelling! The lather is so creamy and feels so gentle. I love to use it on my body, in the shower. When I used it on my face, it made my skin brighter and dewy at first, but ultimately my acne-prone skin was too sensitive even to the generally non-pore-clogging olive oil in this bar, and I broke out a bit. But overall, an amazing experience using this soap!"
- Megan 

"Since I was 13 I been struggling with acne on my face. I have went to dermatologist , try many MANY different creams lotions , things nothing ever helped. I am 26 years old now and I was told about goat bars I order some from your site , and it did the magic . My face is clean 98 % , when I started using the acne soap I was breaking out even more within 3 weeks it was clean . I used the soap 4 times a day and each time I washed my face 2 x. I just want to say thank you so much and life time customer here ."
- Nevenko 

"Hi :) I would like to say thank you! Frustration led me to my search for some kind of face cleanser that would not leave my face super dry, red and irritated and I came across you guys. I'm in my 30's now and I've had this problem since my teens. I'm so sensitive to even the fragrance free store soaps , creams, etc. the only thing i could do was use lotion after every wash to relieve my skin. Along with oily skin it's not fun! So when i read all the testimonials i had to give you guys a try and i'm glad i did!! When my soap came in i said a prayer before i used it and although i still get dry and red from using it , it's not super dry or that red. Just slightly and i'm guessing it's the tea tree oil that's causing it. Now i'm going through your samples for sensitive skin in hopes of finding one i can use as my main face cleanser and the tea tree bar maybe every other day since it pretty much cleared up my oily skin! No joke! I am so enjoying that!! Oh and it cleared up my daughters acne in 2 days!! She just started getting acne and i bust out with your tea tree bar soap , she is so happy! Now i'm gifting them to my nieces and nephews and they cannot wait to try it themselves! They've tried everything from over the counter to prescribed. They are pretty excited to try this! Thank you guys so much!!!!! I will let you guys know how it goes for them as well :)"
- Ann 

"I love this soap. My son ordered some samples about a week ago and I have had problems with large large pores on my face which dirt and gunk loved to live there. by the 1st day of using the purity soap with oats my pores are almost not noticeable this soap is the best soap ever. I wish I had knew about this soap when I was a teenager then I wouldn't have suffered with acne and cyst. I have many scares too and it seems to be helping that too. Your soap is bringing some confidence back in my life. oh I almost forgot since I had such large pores I had some small wholes in my face that have completely closed and healed. thank you so much, I saw you guys on the Doctors show and I am so glad I ordered. God Bless you and your beautiful family."
- michelle

"I can't wait to share my PURITY soap bars with my sister sufferers of adult acne. After seeing the Jonas family on a Thursday TV show, I ordered online. Received soap and samples of lavender, nautical, and calendula the following Monday. Excellent service and great product."
- Carol 

"Just got my order of tea tree soap today and I am so pleased with how fast i got it. I have used another brand of soap but not able to find any more. So I am so pleased I have found y'all. My son has mild acne as my self this soap is so great and helps clear our skin thank you so much and God Bless your Family and a special thank you to Greyden for signing the invoice what a special touch thank you again and have all ready placed 2nd order."
- sharon

"I recently bought soap from you guys and I gotta say I LOVE IT!!!! I had bought the problem pack for my daughter and I. She has eczema and I have severe acne. The tea tree oil soap helped dramatically!! And my skin feels so much better now. And with my daughter, she is doing much better! Her skin is not as dry and gets better all the time! Thank you guys soo much!"
- Jessica 

"Hello!!!! I just had to share my life changing experience after using your products. I have suffered from psoriasis for years. I actually had my legs covered mostly from the knees down so badly that they were cracking and bleeding. The pain was horrible. My elbows are bad again and I hope that the tea tree loofa will do it's magic. I'm also going to have my daughter try it for her acne. I also have sample of the laundry soap I'll be trying as well and just ordered a laundry stick. My mom noticed you before you became just a huge hit...and I spread the word all over. It's life changing and for people that'll say...really? changing....YES IT IS!!!!! Also my grandma always made the washcloths that you do but can't anymore due to her hands hurting so I order one with every order!!! God Bless you all for your heart work and what you do!!!! Big hugs!!!"
- Heather 

"I live in Colorado and have suffered from dry skin for years (both from the climate and from drugs associated with a past cancer)..I also had some issues with acne due to the meds I was taking. I decided to give goat milk soap a try. I had heard that it was great for skin conditions. I couldn't have been more surprised with what a difference this soap has made in my life. Before this soap, I would itch until I bled..but now my skin is soft and moisturized.The acne issues went away without the use of harsh chemicals or medicines.. I loved this soap enough to send it out to my loved ones for Mother's Day and got rave reviews. The scents are simply wonderful (and long lasting)..from the comforting oatmeal milk and the more masculine (and gorgeous!) Dragon the very gentle and soft baby powder scent. This testimonial will be long..but I cannot say enough good things about the products and the very kind and helpful customer service I received from this company! I know where I will be buying all my soap from in the future! Tell a friend!"
- Tonie

"I've been using these soaps for several months now, and I'm so in love with them that I've been slowly trying to order and try them all as I use them up. I have pretty dry skin because of my job and climate of dry Wisconsin winters, and I've never found a soap or lotion that worked quite as well as this family's goat milk soap. The greatest benefit I've gotten from this soap though, I found on accident. One day I ran out of my store bought face wash, and was forced to use my goat milk soap instead. The results were immediate, and I never went back to harsh store bought face wash again. My face is soft and silky, but more importantly, clear of redness and acne. I couldn't believe that I was using the same soap for my body that I was for the delicate skin of my face. Now, I wasn't even using the purity scrub or the more gentle soaps, so I can imagine those are even better! I'm going to be sure to get to those eventually :] The soaps always smell incredible and make my skin ridiculously smooth and soft. I'll be buying these soaps for as long as their available, because they're so much better than anything I've ever tried."
- Kaylee 

"This soap is AMAZING! I found out about GMS on The Doctors, and since I have eczema, I thought I'd try it out. I am so glad I did! I have it really bad on my scalp, and I tried the shampoo bar, and it's been wonderful. The dandruff isn't as bad and my head doesn't itch quite as much. I've also been using the tea tree soap for my acne, and it's really been clearing up. My skin feels so much softer since I've started, and I will certainly continue to buy :). The scents are also really great for allergies, they are light enough to not cause any problems! Try this soap! You will be glad you did!"
- Heather 

"A friend referred me to use the tea tree soap and I LOVE IT! It's great if you have oily skin or acne."
- Heather 

"My husband has had bad acne on his face for the last 2 years, we have tried prescriptions from the doc, and nearly every over the counter product sold in stores. Since using the Oatmeal Bar Soap...his face has cleared up about 90% we started seeing the difference within just a few days. Also we both get skin rashes due to a condition we both have...meds we use take 3-4 days to clear the rash...the Oatmeal Bar Soap...1-2 days! WE LOVE IT!"
- Rebecca 

When I heard of Goat Milk Stuff, the thought of a product made with Goat Milk that'll help with my moderate adult acne made me a little iffy... after reading other testimonies about how well the Tea Tree Soap worked, I had to give it a try! I was amazed that after only 2 days of using it, my face was vibrant, soft, and clear! I will never use another product, other than GMS in the shower again! I'm hooked! Thanks GMS!!
- Amy

"I received my first order on Monday. All I can say is the soap is amazing! I have used other goat milk based soaps but nothing compares to these. I am sold and my search has ended in looking for a soap for my sensitive acne prone skin. Thank You"
- Sharon 

"I just received my second order of soaps and once again I am as happy as a bug on a rug! They all smell AMAZING, lather well and leave your skin clean without stripping it. I have a number of skin issues including eczema and acne and while the soaps are not a miracle cure they definitely help. I also use them to wash my hair which is a huge time and money saver. No more nasty shampoo ingredients for me! I have already converted my mom to your soaps (one whiff of OMH and she was sold!) and for once I know what everyone will be getting for Christmas this year! :) As a homeschool graduate I love the fact that I am supporting a fellow homeschool family! Keep up the good work!"
- Rebekah

"I started to use the Tea Tree oil soap about a week ago right after I received it and I must say it has cleared up my skin tremendously and the dry spots around my neck caused by the acne topical prescribed creams are now gone . At 36 years old I was breaking out mainly around my chin area. I wash my hands a lot and they were very dry and after a few washes with the tea tree and sample soaps(lavender, ginger lime black raspberry), I noticed my hands were not as dry. I liked the soaps and find them helpful that I'm back to order a full bar, so that I will have it waiting! I m so happy I found Goat Milk Stuff, thanks to Cliff and Stephanie from the Family from the Heart podcast :)"
- Elise 

"Before we used your soap regularily, we used the typical store bought non-natural soaps. Your soaps have cleared up acne and eczema and clears the skin. We will never go back to soap other than yours."
- Matt 

"My teenage son has battled with acne, oily skin and oily hair for the past year or so. I have been giving him the tea tree soap for the last 3 months and he uses it on his skin and hair. What a difference! Not only has his acne cleared up but his skin and hair do not look oily by the end of the day or even the next. I had been using a high end face soap (which by the way are usually full of chemicals) and it was drying out my forehead so I also now use the tea tree soap on my face and I love it. Putting my order in today because my son let me know he was almost out and he needs his soap! This soap is amazing, thank you!"
- Michelle 

"I have very delicate skin on my face, but deal with a lot of acne. I LOVE your tea tree soap! I use it on my face, and it leaves it feeling clean but doesn't burn like most other soaps did. :D I like using other scented soap (not on my face) and my favorite is Harvest! I am hoping to try the chocolate bar soon, along with every other! :D ? your soap!"
- Abigail 

"I ordered two half bars of tea tree soap-one for me, and one for my teenage son. I have paid hundreds of dollars for acne prescriptions for him. Not necessary. This soap is great. I don't suffer with acne, but just like a good face wash. I am amazed. My skin tone has evened out, and I could swear I have less wrinkles. Cool! I will be ordering more of the soap, as well as some of the lotion. Great product!"
- Amy 

"Have to say I've only been using the Purity soap for a very short time on my face. Very noticeable decrease in my chin acne! Always have a bugger there, not even battling one! Awesome! :-)"
- Barb 

"I have post partum acne and the Tea Tree soap has made a huge difference in my skin! Also loving the Pink Sugary soap! Our new baby is even using Goat Milk Stuff!"
- Amy 

"I bought the shaving kit for my husband because I hated the commercially available shaving creams. I wasn't sure he would go for the idea, but he has. He's getting a great shave and no razor burn or bumps. Sometimes, the old fashioned ways are the best. Now my teenage sons have be come GMS shaving converts and their acne prone skin has healed considerably. Horray!!"
- Sue 

"The tea tree soap has calmed my acne prone face, leaving it feeling soft. The sugar scrub performed a miracle on my feet and elbows, leaving them soft and removing dry, cracked, skin. I can't wait to try the lotion next. Thank you and I also thank the goats!"
- Juanita 

"Both my husband and I suffered from adult acne. If affected our self confidence a great deal. We've tried many different medicated soaps as well as prescription meds to no avail. I decided to give the Tea tree oil soap a try and I am SO GLAD I did! After my husband saw the clearing of my skin he decided to try. After less than a week he said "We are NEVER going to let this soap run out!!" Our skin is as clear as it ever has been and our confidence in public is boosted :) Thank you so much for producing such an amazing product!!"
- Melissa 

"My daughter and I have been plagued by our terrible acne and eczema prone skin. After years of prescription pills, creams, and lotions, a friend introduced us to the puroty bar as a gift. That bar is the best gift we have ever received. My daughter can wear shorts again :) Thank you so much!!!"
- Amber 

"Hello Jonas family! I have suffered with severe acne since high school and am now 30. I have all 3 types of acne and have always had very painful, full-face breakouts. I have used everything from store bought Acne ceansers to maximum strength prescription medications...nothing has cleared my skin until now! I am on my second bar of Tee Tree soap and rarely have a breakout...when I do, it is one or two tiny ones and they go away almost immediately! I am SO thankful for your soap!!!! THANK YOU!!!"
- Jessica 

"To the Beautiful Jonas Hardworking Family: I received my second order today. Everything was in perfect condition and the delivery time was fast. Thank you for your excellent order processing and wonderful soap. Using my first order of your soap convinced me that I would be a continuous customer. I am amazed how it has helped my fingers so far. My first order was travel bars so I could get various scents - this order I bought the "big boys". By now I probably would have started with a few splits. So far so good, no cracks or splits or signs of it. If I have a winter with no splits or cracks (or just a few) I will be one happy lady and it will be my first in many, many, many, many years. I have tried just about every hand cream etc. on the market I think. In the past, at times I have had up to 8 of my 10 fingers taped up at the same time in order to close those tiny splits that seem to go to the bone. Just love your soap all around, it makes your skin so soft. I could actually feel the difference after one shower. It does remove the dry skin, leaving your skin so soft. I especially love the baby powder scent, but every one I tried are all so nice smelling. The tea soap is working very good on my teen age granddaughters acne too. Thank you for your wonderful soap. You have beautiful children. Love to watch the videos you post. Great Job Mom and Dad - you are to be congratulated many times over. "
- Pauline 

"Tea tree oil works well [with acne]."
- Sherry 

"As a cook my hands are extremely dry. Brittle nails. Old etc. I have several different "flavors" and no more dry hands . my legs are great too. The tea tree soap cleared my son's acne while leaving his skin soft and not flaky. My 49 you. face gets all the little sample soaps. I love the surprise..Never dry tight or itchy. So yes YES."
- Marie 

"This soap is creamy and luxurious! Their customer service is awesome too. My favorite scents are Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (smells heavenly and relaxing), Tea Tree (great face wash for acne prone skin), Cider Press (reminds me of fall, and smelly very yummy!), and Sparkle Fruit Limited Edition (super great smell!!!) They also offer other great items than just body soap..... Peppermint lip balm is a great product that doesn't dry out your lips like others do. The sugar scrubs are great and exfoliate and moisturize, one cube (or less) per shower is all you need! The wash cloths they sell are made by their 8 kids and are gentle enough for my baby boy but also strong enough for my hard working husband. The Jonas family is just all around awesome and their soap is second to none! Thank you Jonas family for providing such great products."
- Mandi 

"OK, I'm not in the habit of leaving testimonials or comments on things. I usually just dont have the time. But I have to rave about your products and your service! Both are amazing. What you and your family does is amazing! I fist experienced goats milk soap from a local farmers market, her soaps were a but pricey and no where near the size of yours....but they smealled amazing and the first one I bought worked wonders. So I went online and just kjnew I could find some more affordable. And lo and behold, I came upon your website. What a Godsend! The trea tree has cleared my adult acne and my sons adolescent acne, the lavender relaxes me after my nightly showers and the honeysuckle takes me back to childhood memories of my Aunt and her honeysuckle in her back yard. Your soaps are amazing, the detergent I got a sample of is amazing(I will be ordering more) and the fact that I ordered on a friday and recieved my order on a Monday...I am just thrilled and you now have a loyal customer, who raves about you and your products to everyone!! Thank you!"
- Hollie 

"We LOVE your soap! After just a few days of using the soaps we noticed a big improvement in our skin. No more dry, itchy, "winter" skin! My 7 year old no longer has eczema bumps on the back of his arms and until now, not even prescription creams were able to clear it up. My teenager is having some improvement in his acne since using the tea tree soap too! THANKS for such great products!!"
- Brenda 

"Hi Jonas!! I met you in the Louisville airport a few weeks ago when you were heading to Disney and visit with Grandparents. Our group was heading for a cruise. I fell in love with your family and your lifestyle. I told you I would order some soap and here's my first order. I am actually having the 25 people that I cruised with over to my house in a few weeks and we're going to play some games so I'm giving your soap away as a Prize. I'm keeping a few for myself. I have 10 grandchildren and I'll be buying more if it helps acne, as a few are teenagers. Hope you had a great vacation and everyone stayed healthy!! I admire your family!! Good luck with your products!! God Bless you all,"
- Cathy 

"Just thought I would let you guys know how much I enjoyed your tea tree soap. I have been using it to wash my face and in the last month all of my face acne has disappeared! What I love about it is it doesn't dry out my face like normal acne wash. Thanks for making such great soap!"
- Emily 

"I'm 28 and have been using the Tea Tree for my face too. The results are fantastic even on adult acne. And this is after trying the popular 3 step acne treatments they sell on TV, going to the dermatologist and getting the expensive prescription meds. After just one week with the Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap I saw a HUGE improvement on my skin and acne."
- Mandi 

"My girls (12) both love the tea tree soap for their faces. We have seen a big improvement in their acne."
- Lori 

"Gave a bar to my daughter (Luv Spell) and she loves the smell, even thinks it is helping her acne prone skin. Need a longer test to tell for sure. She is thinking of getting the shaving soap for her boyfriend. I have used goats milk soaps from other places and while I thought they were good, I cannot believe the change in my skin in 10 days since using your soaps. Not sure what is the difference, but I can clearly see my skin not looking tight or dry, feeling soft and smooth and my pores look smaller! Wow! I use a night cream and that is all - used to have to moisturize day and night. True test will be an Iowa winter dry air. Very impressed, planning to also try the laundry soap - expect an order coming soon!"
- MaryBeth 

"I absolutely positively LOVE your products. Your soap has cleared up my skin that I have struggled with for years (with acne). I use the sample bars in the kids' bathroom, and it is the perfect size for their little hands, and I just ordered some of your laundry detergent, so I am excited to try it."
- Lisa 

"Just wanted to say what a great product you all make!! I just bought a bar over the weekend at the Madison Chautauqua - peppermint goat's milk soap. I had previously bought a bar a few months back at the court house days in Madison. I have psoriasis and had tried every kind of soap only to find that yours is the best. It makes your skin feel so clean, and keeps it clear of psoriasis and acne breakouts. I am going to tell all my friends about you and give them your website address. Good to know that it is sold at a store here in Madison where I live too. I also like it because it is long lasting and well worth the money. Also, I assume it was probably your son that was the great salesman at the Chautauqua. What a nice young man with a great personality. Sincerely,"
- Anissa 

"Hi PJ, I love the soap and will let you know how I like the bath bomb and what my husband thinks of the shave kit. I purchased several bars of soap in November or December to give as Christmas gifts. Everyone loves the product. Hopefully they will purchase from your website. The soap helps with my dry skin especially in the Winter months. Also, about 4 months ago, I started to use the soap on my face daily because I ran out of my facial cleanser and it's also a little expensive. The Goat's Milk Soap really helped with the facial acne issues I was having. I do get a breakout or 2 every month but it's nothing like I was experiencing! I will not go back to the expensive products I was using, that's for sure! Thanks again,"
- Melissa 

"Your soap is simply wonderful, I will use nothing else!!!! Just ordered 4 more bars yesterday. Thank you for a product that works!!! My acne prone skin is clear and soft. God bless!!!"
- Jill