Goat Milk Stuff is home to about 200 Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  Every goat has a name and each goat is much loved.  Goats are curious, entertaining, and sometimes very loud. Happy watching!

Free Live Camera: Showing outside baby goat pen

Additional Cameras.  We also have 6 additional cameras available for our Patrons. To find out more information on how to become a Patron, visit our Patreon page.   

Join the live chats.  There is a live chat connected to the camera on the YouTube Live Stream.  You can watch the cameras here, or you can choose to watch on the YouTube Live Stream and participate in the chat.

Make sure you subscribe to the channel as well. If we have a power outage and the cameras go down, when they come back they get a new YouTube link.  If you are subscribed, you should be notified.

Identify the goats. You can see the photos of the goats on the Goat website.  The Nigerian Dwarf goats are listed separately from the Alpine goats.  It takes us a while to get photos of the baby goats on the website.  But eventually everybody is listed.


If you're interested in the goats...


If you're interested in what we make with the goats' milk...


If you're interested in the family and the farm...

Just let us know if you have any questions.  Happy watching!
PJ and Crew



To watch the different cameras here on this page, click or hover over this embedded livestream and click on the "playlist" button to see the other cameras.