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Replacement Shipping Coverage

As often as we use the phrase, there is actually no such thing as "Free Shipping". When you qualify for Free Shipping, that means that Goat Milk Stuff is covering the shipping cost for you.

And as you know, shipping is expensive.

When you order at least $50 of Goat Milk Stuff items (after any discounts have been applied), you qualify for "free shipping". This free shipping only applies to the original package to fulfill the order that is shipped from Goat Milk Stuff.

Free shipping does not apply to any potential shipping problems that may befall your package after it leaves our farm.

With increasing shipping costs (and decreasing quality), we now require "Replacement Shipping Coverage" on your orders. This is not insurance on your package. Instead, it is a service of Goat Milk Stuff that pays for additional shipping costs in the event that your order is lost, damaged, or stolen, and a replacement package needs to be shipped to you.

You must contact us within 3 days of any problems with your package. So please keep an eye on your tracking number and delivery emails.  

See the individual "Shipping Problems" below for further details on how Replacement Shipping Coverage works.

Shipping Problems

We do everything to ship your order out quickly and accurately. Once your package has left the farm, we do not have access to any more information than you do about your package. Use your tracking number to look up your package on the tracking system. The information there is the only information available, and we do not have any additional information.

We've sent out hundreds of thousands of packages over the years. And the vast majority of them arrive quickly and in perfect condition. But occasionally, we do see some of the below problems.

1. Order is damaged during shipping

If your package is damaged during shipping and receives cosmetic damages (such as dented soaps), we will not replace them.

If your items are broken (such as a lotion stick having the "screw up" portion broken off), please email us a photo of the broken item. We will file a claim with the USPS. We will then issue you a Goat Milk Stuff credit for what you paid for the damaged item or we will ship you a replacement - depending on your preference. 

2. Package is delayed.

Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of slowdowns with shipping from all the major carrier services. We give the USPS 14 days (21 during the holidays) to rectify shipping delays. Most orders arrive sooner than that even when rerouted to different places.

Notify Goat Milk Stuff if you have not received your package, you need it right away, and can no longer wait.

3. Package is "lost" in the USPS system.

If after 14 days (21 during holidays), tracking updates have not resumed on your package, we conclude that your order has been lost. 

We file a USPS claim and issue you an online GMS credit. Please notify us if the original ever shows up.

4. Package is marked "delivered" but not received.

If your tracking shows your package as delivered, but you did not receive it, you must contact your local post office immediately with the tracking number. They can almost always locate it quickly if you don't delay in reaching out to them.

If your local post office cannot locate it within 3 days, please let us know.

5. Package is returned to Goat Milk Stuff for incorrect address.

You are responsible for making sure that the address is entered correctly on your order. We ship it to the address that you list. We do not check your history for previous addresses and can not know that the address is wrong.

Replacement Shipping Coverage DOES NOT cover you for sending your order to an incorrect or insufficient address. You will need to pay for shipping on the replacement address.

We send out multiple confirmation emails, please check that the shipping address is correct.

6. Package is returned to Goat Milk Stuff as "undeliverable".

Sometimes the address is correct and yet the package is returned to us and marked as undeliverable.  If this happens, we ask you to choose a different address. If no other address is available, we require the replacement package to be shipped with "signature required". This service currently costs $2.90 but may go up.

We will ship you a replacement package.

7. You are charged extra postage.

Occasionally, customers are charged extra shipping (often without explanation) over the postage we have already paid for the order. With Replacement Shipping coverage, you will receive a Goat Milk Stuff online credit for this amount (U.S. orders only).