Rosacea Testimonials

"I picked up a Tea Tree Oil stick for my sister who has severe psoriasis as well as eczema. I wanted to give you an update on it to let you know how it's working. After several dermatologists, medications and long years of flakey, beat red skin the Tea Tree Oil stick is FINALLY helping her get her skin under control and to a normal color. She mainly uses it on her face and the flaking has been reduced severely and the redness is calmed down extremely; she's over the moon about it. She even mentioned that as she has psoriasis over her entire body, it's been incredibly convenient to have it in a stick form for her joints such as knees, elbows and underarms which it has helped close the cuts that have formed since her skin is so dry. The only downside is she can't use it on smaller places like her ears. But I was to stress how much of a change has occurred since she's used it. She has likely tried near 20 medicated creams and none of them have worked to this caliber. Because her skin is so bad, she's been cautious about going outside because of the stares she gets. With her skin on her face being less red, she's finally feeling better about going outside and is getting less self consciousness. I just wanted to say thank you and make sure you hear such a wonderful story about your product."
- Anne

"I have suffered from Rosacea for over 2 1/2 years and I have tried everything from prescription drugs, lotions, soaps, and DIY experiments :( all with no help. I would break out with little puss pimples? they'd burn and would make my face RED and inflamed. Seriously it had stopped my life. I dreaded going out or meeting ppl because these puss pimples took days to dry out and left little scars .. I mean really it was embarrassing. I have never had any kind of acne or skin problems even as a teenager :( so to one day go from beautiful skin to RED inflamed problematic skin was life changing!! My last DIY brought me to try Organic Goat Milk on my face like a mask. Well to my surprise it helped with the redness and inflammation! The redness cleared up withing days so decided to research organic goat milk soap..came across your site and decided to purchase a sample pack of your soaps and started with the Tea Tree Soap AMAZING RESULTS.. within 2 day my skin has almost cleared up and back to normal.. I'm on day 6 and my skin is glowy and looking healthy. my coworkers noticed right away! I feel like my self again! I'm telling everybody about my experience and giving little samples away to my children and family! YOU PRODUCT HAS BROUGHT BACK BEAUTIFUL SKIN! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! I will be ordering again soon! xoxo GlowGlow :) wish i could upload a pic of before and after.. Amazing results!! keep up the Goat Soap!!"
- Liz G

"Love the purity bar soap. I have very sensitive skin and the detergents and preservatives used in other soaps irritate my skin. My son has keratis pilaris and the purity soap keeps his skin free of bumps and cleared up teen acne. Last but not least, it soothes my husband's rosacea. It's the only soap my whole family uses. Love the fresh, clean scent and lather too!"
- Teri

"I just got my first order today and I cannot say enough about it! I have been using Lush soap and facial cleansers for years-this soap is far superior! The smell is gorgeous and the lather is creamy and divine....the best part is that my rosacea is not as bright red after using this..after one wash!
Plus, the lovely note on my receipt from one of the kids was lovely!!! Thank you and I look forward to many more bars of soap being purchased from your family!"
- Tracey

"I LOVE your product. I have never-ending rosacea and very sensitive skin which got much worse during the six rounds of chemotherapy I've just finished. Your Purity is the ONLY soap I can use on my face and I had tried just about everything. I use the word "had" not "have" on purpose: when a person finds your product, they do not have to continue looking. Bless you for whatever magic you do to make such a fine soap."
- Carla

"I've had Rosacea for years. The Dermatologists have given me lots of prescription lotions and soaps to battle the condition. When I saw you on tv talking about your soap, I decided to try it. My face feels great and looks great. I get compliments on my face. The last time I went to see my dermatologist, he was about to give me refills for the prescriptions and I told him what I had been using to wash my face. He said it looked great and told me he didn't think I needed the prescription for the face wash anymore. How about that? But, you already knew how great your soap is. Love your newsletters. Keep up the awesome work. You are a precious family. God Bless Y'all."
- Judy

"I received a bar of the Almond GMS for Christmas from my sister by marriage. I have rosacea and one day by accident I used the GMS bar instead of my prescription soap. I had no reaction, so I used it several more days ... still no reaction. In fact, my face was softer and less red with the GMS than with the prescription soap. I ordered a Valentine package in chocolate, a bar of the lavendar pepperment, and some clefts of black raspberry (my clothes smell amazing). While I haven't yet been brave enough to use anything other than the almond on my face, I love the other scents. The lip balm has become my new favorite accessory!! I can't wait to try more!! The shipping was extremely fast and the products are just simply wonderful! And I enjoy reading the monthly newsletter and learning about the family. Thanks y'all!! Many blessings."
- Christy

"I have recently switched to calendula soap now for my rosacea and like it better than the tea tree oil one. So for anyone with rosacea, give it a try. Each person has different skin and needs and will need to determine which soap is best for their own it purity, tea tree oil or calendula for their rosacea or skin issues. I still do like them all and time to time, will use one or the other as well. I also like the castile soap for my body. Good job GMS!"
- Cathleen 

"I just placed my 3rd order for more soap. My skin is softer, less dry and has really helped my rosacea. I got my 2 daughters to order and they love it as much as I do. I am now going to send some to my sister to help her (redhead also) sensitive skin. I am thrilled I saw the program from The Doctors TV show, as I would never had known such a great product was out there! I never want to be without your Soaps!"
- Pam

"I saw you on "The Doctors", really liked what I saw so I wrote down the website and submitted an order that day. I have fell in love with the products and the amazing customer service that I have since made 3 more! The skin care packet has worked miracles on my face, I have rosacea! I have used very expensive skin care products on my face and they helped, but the goats milk soaps have made my face so smooth and soft! The redness is almost gone and the dryness is gone! Thank you so very much!"
- Tammye

"I have mild to moderate rosacea. I had always used cetaphyl and other similar products to clean my face and wasn't really pleased with the result ( stiff feeling and red and irritated) or the cost (very pricey stuff). I decided to try the tea tree soap and am so very glad I did. My face is never red or irritated, my skin feels clean and is never 'stiff', and the bar lasts a very long time. I keep a bar on the sink and one in the shower so I always have it handy. Thanks so much for this and other great products."
- Karel 

"Hi PJ, Thank you SO much! I usually use cetaphil because I have rosacea and very sensitive skin, but the goat milk soap is SO much better - it's pure and leaves my skin soft and not irritated!"
- Kelly 

”So far after about a month we have been very impressed with your soap and it is all that you say it is. My daughter has been using the Organic Castile and it has taken the Rosacea away. I, Richard have been using the Tea Tree and it has helped to releive the rash in the groin area. Thanks again.”
- Richard 

"Dear PJ, I JUST LOVE MY SOAP!!! I am getting ready to place my second order! I can't believe how my skin feels just after a couple of uses!! I can even shave with it!! Plus, no more razor bumps under the arms! I gave a bar to my Mother who has Rosacea on her face and she LOVES it too!! The Purity soap has made a big difference for her as well!! I am going out of town this coming weekend and I am looking forward to only having to put my Purity Soap in my bag! No more packing all that face wash and shaving cream!!! You have got a customer for life!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"
- Janet