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I've always known how good drinking goat milk is for your body. I've also written about the benefits goat milk adds to your soap. But because nobody in our family suffered from eczema, initially I didn't realize how beneficial our goat milk soap is for people with skin conditions such as eczema.

But soon after we started distributing samples and selling our natural soap, people started telling me that our goat milk soap was relieving their eczema symptoms. Not only were they reporting their success to us, but people started sharing and telling their friends and family. Because of this, one of the most common questions I'm asked is, "Which soap should I use for my (or my child's) eczema?"

There is no single soap that is best for everyone, since each person's skin is unique. This means their eczema may respond differently to various soaps. 

There are four soaps that we generally recommend for people with eczema:

We always recommend that people start with the purity soap. It is unscented, very gentle, and mild and hundreds of people have left positive reviews that it relieves their eczema symptoms.

"This is the best soap for people suffering from psoriasis or eczema! My husband and granddaughter suffers from this and the soap really helps to clear up the flare ups!!!" -Karen

Other great goat milk soaps to use after trying the purity are the tea tree, the organic castile, or the calendula.

The tea tree soap uses the same ingredients as the purity soap, but it also contains tea tree essential oil which is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal - all of which can be helpful with eczema.

The organic castile is made with just organic extra virgin olive oil and goat milk. It won't lather as well (it's more lotion-like) or last as long as the purity, but it is the most mild soap that we make. We infuse the olive oil in the calendula soap with calendula flowers because they can help with skin issues. We also add castor oil so that it has a more bubbly lather. 

Loved all the soaps, for my son with nummular eczema we use the Castile soap. Very lotion like for his dry skin. I like the tea tree soap for my acne in certain spots. The purity soap was great for my husband he likes the clean feeling it leaves on his skin. All and all awesome soaps . Going to definitely order more of everything when it is time. So glad to find a soap for sons sensitive skin. He loves the scent and it really helps his dry skin patches heal quicker. I usually wash him and then lotion him and his smooth all day now. - Michelle

If you are not sure which of the four soaps to start with, we recommend testing each of these four goat milk soaps on your skin before selecting which one is best for your skin. Use each soap for at least a week (without changing or adding any other skincare products or routines) so that each soap gets a fair test.

Each of the four soaps is available in full, half, or travel bars. The most convenient way to test each of these soaps on your skin is to get the problem skin pack. This pack contains half bars of each of the four goat milk soaps that are best for eczema. So if you want to experiment and test each of the four soaps, you can just order them in one place. 

Try Our Problem Skin Pack Today!

Do you have a favorite goat milk soap for your eczema? Please share it below!

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Goat Milk Stuff
Goat Milk Stuff

March 08, 2023

Hi Patti – I’m so glad to hear it’s made such a difference for you! :) PJ


March 08, 2023

I’ve tried just about every soap on the market, and found goat milk soap is best for my trifecta face issues (eczema, rosacea, and subhorremic dermatosis). Then I tried a sample of your Calendula soap, and WOW!! Any goat soap was helpful, but this is easily twice as helpful. I’ve hardly had to medicate at all since using it daily, and it makes my skin feel great. Thank you thank you!!!

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