Goat Milk Camping Soap and Skincare for Outdoor Use

Landon and Brett

Are you gearing up for a camping trip or an outdoor excursion? If so, you will surely encounter insects, sun, abrasions and tricky little plants that cause itching. It’s wild out there.

That’s why it’s important you don't forget to pack some all-natural skincare products. From camping soap to salves and bug repellents, these items can help keep you looking and feeling your best while enjoying the great outdoors. Let’s dive into what you’ll need for your next adventure.

Natural Skincare Choices for Outdoor Issue Relief

With our range of natural skincare products, you will find some relief from the many issues you may encounter while enjoying life outside. Below, we'll discuss the benefits of using goat milk soap and other natural skincare while camping and provide tips on using them. We'll also recommend some of our highly rated Goat Milk Stuff products for camping and outdoor use.

Goat Milk Products for Sunburn

Despite being careful in the sun and using sunscreen, sometimes you will experience sunburn, especially while spending extended periods outdoors. Sunburn can be a real pain, and you’ll need something that soothes and heals simultaneously. So, at GMS, we recommend you have some Comfrey Salve with you at all times.

Comfrey roots contain allantoin, which promotes cell granulation and cell formation, aiding in the healing and regeneration of your skin. This makes Comfrey Salve an excellent choice for healing sunburn. The comfrey roots also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce the redness and pain associated with sunburn.

Comfrey Salve
"The Comfrey Salve healed an awful sunburn! I'm normally super vigilant about sunburns but got distracted and was bright red at the end of the day. 3 applications of the Comfrey Salve and less than 12 hours later there was no red left. No one believed that I'd been massively sunburned the day before!" - BJ

When applied to the skin, Comfrey Salve will start to soothe and heal the damaged tissue. In addition, Comfrey Salve can be used to prevent further damage from the sun by providing a barrier against UV rays. However, you will still need to wear your sunscreen. For best results, apply Comfrey Salve immediately after spending time in the sun.

Our Comfrey Salve is made with a few natural ingredients: comfrey (leaf and root) infused with extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, and vitamin E. Presented in a convenient tin. A little goes a long way. Apply to the affected area and experience the magical healing properties of the comfrey plant.

Camping Skincare for Insect Bites

Bugs, bugs, bugs, they’re part of life when you are living the outdoorsy lifestyle. Whether you are on a camping trip or enjoying some time in nature, insect bites are inevitable at some point. That is why we have created our Bug Out range, including soap and a lotion stick. We want you to be able to ditch the chemicals and repel bugs naturally.

Jade holding Bug Out Goat Milk Soap
"This soap works for me. Mosquitos don't mess with me as much as they did before I started using Bug Out soap. I've been using this soap for the past 5-6 years during bug season." - Randy

Our Bug Out Goat Milk Soap comes in a handy travel size, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. With this biodegradable soap, you’ll get all the nourishing benefits of goat's milk to keep your skin healthy, infused with a citrusy essential oils blend that smells great and should repel those bugs. Double up the protection with our Bug Out Solid Lotion Stick, which can be applied to any area of the body.

Michael smelling goat milk lotion stick
"The Bug Out Lotion is the best natural ingredient bug repellent I have ever tried. This Bug Out lotion left me mosquito free for several hours with out even hearing a buzz by!" - William O.

If the unfortunate happens and you still experience bug bites, GMS Comfrey Salve is excellent at soothing bug bites and helping your skin recover.

Goat Milk Products for Sore Muscles

Another skincare item you shouldn't be without is Arnica Salve. For those days when your muscles are sore, think of Arnica Salve as your new best friend.

Using Arnica Salve
"My family strongly believes in Comfrey and Arnica salves. We've used Comfrey for scrapes and bites, Arnica for bruises and sore muscles. They both work superbly." - Ann S.

Arnica Salve has long been a popular remedy for bruising, swelling, and pain. The main ingredient in Arnica Salve is Arnica montana, a flower that grows in the mountainous regions of Europe. Arnica's active ingredient is helenalin, which is thought to help reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Arnica Salve is also believed to stimulate blood flow and help promote tissue repair.

Whenever you experience sore muscles after hiking, gardening, or any physically demanding activity, you can apply our salve to the sore areas on your body. When applied to the skin, Arnica Salve penetrates deep into the muscles to provide relief. And if you play sports, you can use it to help recover from bruises or reduce swelling and pain from sprains.

Indigo applying Arnica Salve
"WOW! Very pleasant aroma! Smooth, creamy texture and when applied instantly melts and can rub right into skin. Feels warm in a comforting way. Soothes ache in shoulder, neck." - Tanya B.

We want you to get the best out of our product, so please note that Arnica is for external use only and should not be used on broken or pierced skin.

So, if you enjoy spending time outdoors, be sure to include some Goat Milk Stuff Arnica Salve. It just might come in handy!

Best Biodegradable Soaps and Salves for Poison Ivy

While you're thinking of what to pack for your camping trip or excursion, don't forget to add our Jewelweed Soap and Salve to your list. These natural products can help treat poison ivy and other rashes, providing some much-needed relief in the great outdoors.

You can use our Jewelweed Goat Milk Soap and Jewelweed Salve to treat poison ivy, stinging nettle, and mosquito bites.

Jewelweed Goat Milk Soap
"The Jewelweed Soap is amazing! It’s great for poison ivy & oak & mosquito bites & chigger bites. It’s much better & safer than the store remedies and works so much better!!! Thanks so much!!" - Carol W.

Jewelweed is a plant typically found growing near poison ivy, and it's been used for centuries as a folk remedy for treating the rash caused by poison ivy exposure. The active ingredient in jewelweed, saponin, is thought to work by soothing itchiness and irritation. Raw goat milk soap is also gentle and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with irritated or sensitive skin. You'll also benefit from goat's milk's skin-soothing properties. Jewelweed Salve can be applied directly to the affected area or used as a preventative measure before going into areas where poison ivy is known to grow.

Jade applying salve on Indigo's neck
"Works better than Calamine. Works better than Witch Hazel. Works better than Hydrocortisone or Benadryl ointments. This Jewelweed Salve is amazing and was the only thing to give me relief with a very bad case of poison ivy." - Sarah

So, if you're heading out on a camping trip, bring along some Goat Milk Stuff Jewelweed bar soap and salve. You'll be glad you did!

Goat Milk Soaps for Dry Skin

Spending time outdoors is great for the soul, but it can take a toll on the skin. Whether hiking in the woods or enjoying a leisurely walk, exposure to the elements can dry out your skin. And if you're constantly washing your hands to remove dirt and debris, that can also contribute to dryness. To combat this, use one of our Goat Milk Soaps or Natural Liquid Soaps.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Goat Milk Soap
"I have a huge collection of soap but this particular one (Oatmeal Milk & Honey) is by far my favorite because of its naturalness my skin never is dry after using it and the smell is perfect." - Jerry O.

Goat milk soap offers a number of skin benefits, but it is particularly beneficial for dry skin. Our creamy goat milk soap contains natural oils like coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil and more to help hydrate and nourish the skin. In addition, goat milk soap contains alpha hydroxy acids and lactic acid, which can help to exfoliate the skin and soften rough, dry patches. Our soap is also rich in vitamin A, which helps to promote healthy cell growth, and selenium, an antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from damage. They also contain a variety of pure essential oils. Best of all, goat milk soap is natural and provides a gentle but effective cleanse, making it ideal for all skin types.

This is the one skincare product you should never be without. A Goat Milk Stuff Soap, whether in bar form or as biodegradable liquid soap, offers everything you need to cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin while outdoors.

Almond Liquid Goat Milk Soap
"What's not to love about the Almond liquid foaming soap? It's healthy for you, it smells amazing and when you find yourself having wash your hands over and over, it doesn't dry them out. My hands have finally stopped cracking and bleeding." - Bonnie T.

Goat Milk Skincare for Cuts and Abrasions

Spending extended time outdoors increases the likelihood of sustaining cuts and abrasions.

To treat any sustained cuts and abrasions, it's essential to clean the area gently but thoroughly to prevent infection. Goat milk bar soap is an effective and natural way to clean cuts and abrasions. The lactic acid in the soap helps to remove dead skin cells and bacteria. As a result, goat milk soap can help to speed up the healing process and prevent infection.

Once cuts and abrasions have scabbed over, and are no longer susceptible to infection, you can also apply our Comfrey Salve to the area to speed up the healing process.

Brett applying salve to Landon's knee
"Your Comfrey Salve is by far, one of the most impressive products I have found, aside from your lotion which I never allow myself to run out of. And your soap. Your formula is spectacular. We have used your salve on cuts, burns and just about anything we can think of. I have rounds of psoriasis and sometimes it will crack and bleed. A little Comfrey on a bandaid and overnight, the crack is closed over." - Katrina M.

Our Natural Skincare is Simple and Effective

When you are looking for a natural, earthy way to take care of your skin while camping or enjoying the great outdoors, goat milk soap and natural skin care products are a great option. Our Arnica Salve, Jewelweed Soap and Salve, Comfrey Salve, goat milk soap, and other natural skincare items are perfect for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances and enjoy the healing properties of nature.

Outdoor enthusiasts need a soap that can handle tough conditions, and our GMS goat milk soap is perfect for that. It’s also gentle enough to use daily, which is why we believe it’s the best soap for outdoor activities.

Have you tried our goat milk skincare products? Tell us what you think.

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