Gluten Free Goat Milk Soap

goat milk soap

I've been frequently getting asked the question, "Are your soaps gluten free?" The simple answer is, "Yes, all of our goat milk soaps are gluten free."

We do not use any ingredients in our soaps and skin care items that are known to have gluten in them or are derived from items that contain gluten. We have two soaps (Purity Oats and OMH Scrub) that have chopped-up rolled oats in them.

Rolled oats (which do not contain gluten) are sometimes rolled in wheat flour to keep them from sticking together. Because of this, several years ago we switched to using certified gluten free oats in our facility so there is no need to worry about cross-contamination.

Many people question whether or not it is silly to worry about gluten in your body care products.  For most people, it is not an issue.  But for those who have been diagnosed with celiac disease, it is a matter of playing it "better safe than sorry".

Most doctors will tell you that gluten is only an issue if you ingest the wheat and that it can't be absorbed through your skin. But there is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there that when those with celiac use gluten-containing products on their skin, it still causes them to have a reaction.

Most of the gluten containing ingredients in body care products like soap and shampoo do not sound like they contain gluten.  Chemicals that we would never use (such as stearyldimoniumhydroxypropyl) can be tricky because they are actually made from wheat proteins or other items that do contain gluten.

I have a good friend whose daughter was diagnosed as a toddler with celiac disease. She has been able to use our soaps without ever having an issue. So if you or a loved one have celiac disease or you simply wish to completely avoid gluten, our goat milk soaps, and skin care items are a safe alternative.

Please be aware that while we keep gluten out of our soaproom, it is present in our kitchens.  Our food items are not guaranteed gluten free.

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