What Does Unscented Truly Mean?

What Does Unscented Truly Mean?

If you have ever visited the farm, you know that sometimes you can smell the soap from our parking lot. If my office window is open, I often hear people comment how great everything smells as they cross the front porch.

This makes me very happy. But if you are extremely sensitive to scent, this may be something of a dilemma for you. We have many people who use our soaps and prefer unscented products, so I wanted to clarify what "unscented" truly means.

When we call one of our products "unscented" that means that we do not add any additional scent to it - no fragrance oil or essential oil of any kind. It does not mean that we do anything to chemically mask or remove the odor. The ingredients that are used in the product may still have a scent.  

For example, the cocoa butter in our lotion sticks will slightly smell like cocoa butter. And our unscented soaps (Purity, Calendula, Castile, and more) will still smell like soap. They do not smell like 'nothing'.

If you are hyper-sensitive to scent, we recommend that you start with a smaller size to make sure that you enjoy how the pure soap smells and that it doesn't bother you.  

We also want to make sure you don't pick up any of the other scents from the soaproom. In our soaproom, we keep our unscented soaps in separate containers so they don't come into contact with scented items.  

But the scent is still in the air and hyper-sensitive people may be able to detect some of the other scents in the soaproom on the cotton bag that holds your soap. Fortunately, the scent doesn't usually transfer to the inside of the soap itself. So simply remove the cotton bags and enjoy the soap!

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