Why Choose a Natural Tooth Powder?

Why Choose a Natural Tooth Powder?

I originally started Goat Milk Stuff to make healthy and natural skincare products I could trust on my babies' skin. When I first discovered the many chemicals that were in baby wash and shampoos, I never imagined I would find some of the same ingredients in our store-bought toothpaste as well.

Commercial Toothpaste May Do More Harm than Good

I've written about SLS and SLES before and how they are used as foaming agents in body washes and shampoos. But did you know that many commercial toothpastes may also include SLS and SLES?

Some people use toothpaste to dry out pimples. This often works because of the drying effect of SLS. But this often only helps in the short-term. The SLS in the toothpaste can dry the affected skin out too much, thereby triggering another cycle of overproduction of oil on the skin.

SLS and SLES can also be found in teeth whitening products and mouthwash.

These potentially harmful chemicals are often added as toothpaste ingredients because the extra foam they create can falsely lead people to believe they are giving their teeth a better clean.

More foam equals more effective brushing, right? Wrong.

Foam doesn't clean your teeth. Scrubbing cleans your teeth.

One of the major concerns I have after learning these ingredients can be found in many toothpastes (even ones recommended by dentists) is that SLES has been flagged as a possible carcinogen.

A Natural Clean for Your Teeth

After learning about the ingredients in commercial toothpastes, my next step was to create a natural alternative my family could use to clean their teeth. After a lot of research and experimentation, we created the Goat Milk Stuff Natural Tooth Powder.

Indigo helping Landon and Michael with Tooth Powder
"Oh I just love the Tooth Powder Natural Tooth care product. This is my 3rd order of it! It is great stuff! Teeth feel so extra clean afterwards. Was a weird feeling at 1st because it doesn't suds up like store products do. This stuff is great. I switched because every time I brushed my teeth before using store products loaded with sugars and who knows what else, I always broke out in a HOT FLASH. Too much junk in them. Goat soap product does not do this to me!!! Thanks for a great product once again" - Kathleen D.

Our Natural Tooth Powder contains just 6 basic ingredients: Baking Soda, Bentonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Spearmint Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, and Salt. You can clean your teeth safely and naturally.

And once you get used to the clean feeling from a natural tooth powder, you'll never enjoy the false clean of toothpaste filled with foaming agents again!

The baking soda in the Tooth Powder does the work of a gentle abrasive instead of the foaming agents in many commercial toothpastes. It works to clean and to help restore the natural color of your teeth.

Landon brushing his teeth with Natural Tooth Powder
"I have been using the Tooth Powder for about a month and love it. I have cosmetic bonding and have had issues with it being discolored for years. Within in a couple of weeks of using this tooth powder, I realized the bonded teeth are almost the same shade as my natural teeth. I also like the clean feeling of my teeth after I brush. No gooey coating that I realized I used to have after brushing with toothpaste - just a scrubbed clean feeling. I put the powder straight on my tongue and use it from there. It took a couple of days to get used to it but now I don’t even think about it. I am now converted to a tooth powder user and hope it will continue to be available on a regular basis." - Jennifer S.

As I stated above:

Foam does not equal clean teeth.

Scrubbing equals clean teeth.

This is an important distinction. When you scrub with the natural ingredients found in our Tooth Powder such as bentonite clay and baking soda, you’ll start the cleaning and re-mineralizing process to the surface of your teeth. This helps restore the pH balance in your mouth. The added salt helps prevent bacteria growth.

We also add calcium carbonate to the Tooth Powder. Research has shown that it can not only help remineralize your teeth, but it can also help decrease enamel sensitivity.

Tooth Powder in bottle
"This Tooth Powder is great. I have sensitive teeth and it didn't bother my teeth at all. After brushing teeth and gums felt sparkling clean. Fresh flavor." - Camilla M.

You can trust that our Tooth Powder has no harmful or controversial ingredients such as foaming agents, whitening agents, glycerin, or fluoride.

What Do Dentists Think of the Tooth Powder?

Our dentist loves our Tooth Powder! Our entire family has been using it for years and he has no complaints. We've only had one cavity in the past 5+ years and that was on one child who had a molar in the back with a very deep indentation.

Many of our customers have shared stories with us about how their dentists have praised the condition of their teeth and mouth after using the Tooth Powder. And many customers have reported to us that they feel like they get the same "clean" feeling after using the Tooth Powder that they have after a dental cleaning appointment.

Tooth Powder Refill
"Very different than what I was used to with regular toothpaste. But after using it a while I noticed my teeth were just as clean if not cleaner and my gums are in better shape than they have been in a long time. They used to bleed pretty often when brushing and flossing but they don’t anymore. And the true test was when I went to the dentist and they raved about what good shape my mouth was in! They said to continue using the Tooth Powder because it was working great." - Thomas B.

How to Use Natural Tooth Powder

The Tooth Powder may seem strange the first time you try it if you've only ever used toothpaste in a tube.

We have found that we prefer the method of sprinkling the Tooth Powder directly onto our tongues. This method has been easier, faster, and results in less waste for us.

There are a couple of other ways you can use the Tooth Powder.

Some of our customers prefer to sprinkle it directly onto a wet toothbrush. But you have to be careful or you'll end up with half of it in your sink or on the counter.

Other customers prefer to put the Tooth Powder onto their finger and apply it to their front teeth before brushing. (Just make sure to not put a dirty or wet finger into the tooth powder container!)

    Choose whichever way works best for you and brush with a wet toothbrush. Brush your teeth well then rinse and spit.

    Putting Tooth Powder on toothbrush
    "I really like your Tooth Powder. Of course it takes some getting used to because it is so different than a tooth paste but that didn't take long at all. My teeth feel clean, look white, and gums are healthy. Most of all I like that there are no chemicals!!" - Natalie E.

    We have to recommend spitting out the Tooth Powder because we have not medically evaluated it for swallowing. But all of the ingredients are food quality so you can make your own decision on whether it is safe for young children who aren't good at spitting it out. The toddlers in our family all successfully use the Tooth Powder.

    How to Fill Your Tooth Powder Container

    We sell the Tooth Powder in containers ready to use, but when you run out we have a Tooth Powder Refill and extra empty bottles if you need them. Refilling your Tooth Powder container is easy!

    How to refill tooth powder

    When you receive the Tooth Powder Refill in the mail, it will be double bagged. We recommend that you take it out of the first bag, and cut a small hole in the bottom corner. You may need to let a little air in the bag to move the powder out of the way. By cutting the hole you create a funnel of sorts that helps direct the powder into the container.

    How to refill tooth powder

    Place the container on a clean piece of paper, unscrew and remove the container lid, and simply pour the powder into the container. By having the paper underneath, you can pour any that spills back into the container.

    How to refill tooth powder

    Make sure to leave an air gap in the container. This allows the tooth powder to pour onto your toothbrush more easily and accurately.

    How to refill tooth powder

    After pouring any powder that spilled onto the paper back into the container, you are finished!

    Tooth Powder Trial Size
    "Thanks. I really like the Tooth Powder. I struggle with tooth sensitivity and was worried about switching from Sensodyne to this. I have not had any issues with sensitivity after switching and am really happy about that. I like this product." - Elizabeth L.

    Our family wanted to use a larger container so we recycled an empty honey bear container. We cleaned it out thoroughly and made sure it was completely dry. We now use the honey bear container at our home sinks and save the small containers for our travel bags.

    But keep in mind that if you choose to try a honey bear (or a different container) the dispensing hole may be larger. The first time I brushed my teeth with tooth powder in the honey bear container, I dispensed three times as much tooth powder as I had intended. I've learned to dispense more carefully and now I love it. But choose your container with care.

    The goal of your tooth care products should never be to just clean at any cost. Our Natural Tooth Powder is designed to keep your teeth clean and healthy with no harmful ingredients like SLS or SLES.

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