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Goat Milk Soaps

Every goat milk soap bar is cold processed and contains at least an ounce of fresh, raw goat milk from our farm. This gives each and every bar we make a creamy goodness your skin will love. We hand cut every bar and cure it for a minimum 6 weeks. Every piece is unique in appearance, size, color and scent. Like our eight children, no two are alike. While our soaps last a long time, our impact on the environment doesn't. We use a 4" x 6" cotton bag to package your goat milk soaps; this is friendlier to the environment than plastic and lets your soaps breathe. The goat milk soaps pictured are the full bar size, but most are also available as half bars, travel bars, and uncured logs.
  • Goat Milk Soap Bug Out Full

    Bug Out Goat Milk Soap


    Bug Out Goat Milk Soap FULL BARThis essential oil goat milk soap not only has many benefits for your skin, but it also lathers well and is very lon...

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