Rosemary Mint Shampoo Goat Milk Soap
Refresh your hair naturally with this solid shampoo bar scented with Rosemary and Mint essential oils. The Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bars a... View more
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Tea Tree Shampoo Goat Milk Soap
Banish scalp acne and dandruff naturally with the power of Tea Tree essential oil. The Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bars are a different formu... View more
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Unscented Shampoo Goat Milk Soap
Gently renew your hair and scalp naturally with this solid shampoo that has no added scents. The Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bars are a diffe... View more
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If you've never used a Natural Shampoo Bar before, it may take a little while (a couple of days to a couple of weeks) for your hair to adjust. The trick to successfully using the Natural Shampoo Bar is not to use too much. Try to remember that your goal is to clean your scalp. You are not trying to produce the foamy lather you get with commercial store-bought shampoos that use chemical foaming agents.

After your scalp and hair adjust to a Natural Goat Milk Soap Shampoo Bar, you may be surprised at how clean, soft, and manageable your hair becomes without the need for conditioner.

"I have used the Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar twice now. It does a really good job of, not only getting my hair clean, I haven't had nearly as many tangles when combing my hair out after just two uses. I like that there is not a lot of sudsing, it rinses easily, and leaves my hair softer and smoother. I have enjoyed using the shampoo bar and will continue to use it. Thank you :) I love the fragrance too!"  - Laura G.