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    Clear Soap Saver

    for Goat Milk Soap

    These soap savers are Made in the USA and are large enough to hold an entire bar of soap. They are just one layer (not multiple like the ... View More

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    Color Soap Savers

    for Goat Milk Soap

    Ever wonder what to do with all your small scraps of soap? We have the answer - just drop them into one of these soap savers. Made of mul... View More

We love using the Soap Savers in the shower and bath and many of our customers do, too! You can use them for your scraps of soap when they get too small to hold, or you can fit an entire bar into these mesh Soap Savers.

Soap Savers can serve multiple purposes:

  • Soap Savers can help your soap last longer. By hanging these up so they can drip dry, your soap will last even longer if it is allowed to dry out between uses.
  • Soap Savers will give you an increased lather. The multiple layers of mesh making up the Soap Savers rub together to create an instant lather.
  • Soap Savers are available in multiple colors. We have a variety of colors available which are perfect if you are trying to match your bathroom colors or just want to enjoy your favorite color with your favorite goat milk soap. They also can make bathtime even more fun for your little ones.
  • Soap Savers can personalize your shower. With multiple colors to choose from, everyone who uses your shower can have a clearly identified goat milk soap bar just for their own use.

Why Choose Goat Milk Stuff?

Our journey with Goat Milk Stuff began with the intent to give our family chemical-free, natural alternatives to traditional soaps. We happily discovered that goat milk may have added therapeutic benefits for those suffering from eczema and other sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis, dry skin, and acne.

Goat milk soap is also wonderful for keeping healthy skin happy.

We’ve been blessed to use what God has given us to help families get the relief they need from painful skin conditions, like eczema. Our family regularly prays that our Goat Milk Stuff will not only help whoever needs it but that it helps you and your loved ones find the relief you’ve been searching for. Because healthy skin is happy skin!