Eczema Testimonials

goat milk soap for eczema

"My family has been using GMS for about two years now. Every once in a while, I'll buy a bar of a different brand of goat milk soap at my local natural grocer, but we always come back to GMS because it's just so much better than any other soap that we've bought. EVER. All three of my kiddos have very dry skin with bouts of eczema when allergy season is in high gear. NOTHING is better than GMS for their sensitive skin. The lemongrass fragrance makes me feel like I'm at a spa. And I love what I've read about your family! It's inspirational!!!"
- Victoria

"My animal welfare club and I signed up for a fundraiser with Goat Milk Stuff last year, and ever since I have been HOOKED on your soaps. I have been a long time sufferer of eczema and this past winter was the only time I can remember not having symptoms. The only thing I did different was use these soaps so now I swear by them. I used many different scents of soap and never had a flare up of eczema. It was a miracle and made winter more enjoyable! As an animal scientist, I also love the goat cams. Keep up the good work!"
- Carly

"I received a bar of goat milk soap after by girlfriend saw that I had a terrible case of eczema on my arms. I used the oatmeal and honey soap and in two weeks I had complete relief. I love your soap, and will be ordering more this month. I won't be going back to "regular" soap ever again. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product."

- Dale

"this is the only soap that I have found that helps my daughters skin. she has eczema and very dry skin all over. search for 7 yrs for something that she could tolerate and this soap is amazing. It's good for mom too!"
- Mary

"Thank you so much! The purity bars have helped my son's eczema so much."
- Mitchell 

"I was referred to your site by my daughter who ordered recently your Goat Milk Soap for her brother and step dad both suffering from eczema. While using the soap, my son's hand eczema disappeared after a couple of days, and my husband's skin got better, less red and itchy. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family."
- Trudie 

"I can not Thank you all enough. My 5 year Olds little legs are healing of her eczema. We have also gone all natural and organic with goods and such and your soaps are working wonders. Wonder if you would have a bath liquid available for soaking. hope we win some amazing products."
- Letisha

"Just watched you all on the Dr's. Awesome job everyone. We have been using your soap for almost a year. It has made a huge difference with my son's eczema. I often run into your children at the YMCA or even Wal-Mart and I must say, they are so polite and well behaved. Congrats on your success"
- Zandria

"Got our order of soap in the other day. Used it for the first time tonight. Love it! I have eczema and this time of the year it really flares up, especially on my face. The dryness after washing my face with your soap was gone. My face is really smooth and soft feeling."
- Casta

"This soap works well on ANY skin! It is the best thing ever to use on someone that has eczema. It is amazing."
- Kaye

"Castile soap is the best for newborns! Then switching to Purity after 6 months is my recommendation. GMS is the way to go! Their soap saved my daughters skin from eczema!"
- Ellie

"Thank so for all you do. It really helps all the people who suffere from eczema and dry skin, when I run out for too long my eczema gets bad. Your soap really is a god sent keep the good work and god bless"
- Sharon 

"I recently purchased an unscented lotion stick for my daughter's legs. She is not quite 2 years old and has severe eczema on her legs. So bad sometimes, it gets infected if not properly cared for or she eats certain foods. I have been using the lotion stick for 2 weeks and it is almost completely cleared up!! No more prescription lotions/creams (that i think might have a burning sensation when applied) i am so excited to have found a more natural, more inexpensive product for her beautiful skin! Thank you so much!!!"
- Alisha

"Absolutely love the soaps! I recently experienced problems with eczema, and I have tried many products on the market. NOTHING has soothed and cleansed my skin like your soaps. I'm sharing the soaps with family/friends."
- Bernie

"Continued use of the purity soap at work, at home, anywhere has kept my eczema under control and lessened my dependency on steroid creams for flare-ups. Thanks to your family and herd!"
- Karen 

"Wednesday afternoon I placed an order online and in less than an hour I received an email in return saying my order had been packed and shipped! In less than an hour!! . My package came in yesterday...thank you so much for your fast service and wonderful products! My son is 2 years old and has had eczema since he was 6 weeks old. I tried every soap and every cream that doctors and dermatologists recommended and nothing worked for him. When he was 6 months old my aunt told me about your purity soap...I tried it on my son and haven't stopped using it's worth every penny!:)"
- Iris 

"I first heard about Goat Milk stuff on a TV show. My granddaughter suffers from eczema and so I tried the "Purity" soap. Now, she has had only 2 flair ups in the last year!! I'm a fan so long as the soap is available. All the other products I've purchased are lovingly delivered and my family enjoys them and their health benefits. Thanks!!"
- Susan 

"Dear Goat Milk Stuff, Hello, my name is Tanya, I\'m in my mid 20s and live in Australia. I found out about your soap through watching the Doctors TV show. As soon as I watched it, I knew I had to try it. I ordered the problem pack soap roughly about 3months ago through the start of our winter season. I was born with sensitive skin and eczema developed soon after. Each winter and a few months after, my hands always became very, very dry and extremely itchy and start to bleed, I hate it and it is embarassing. People use to tell me how my hands felt like a 90 year old man! In the past I went to different doctors, and a few different skin specialists they all advised me to use different hand moisturizers and soaps but none of them worked. When I recieved your soap in the post, firstly, I loved the smell, but the best part was that it worked!! I actually couldn\'t believe that something worked for me! I was so happy. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is that I use your soap. Now I don\'t have to hide my hands away anymore or get embarassed to shake peoples hands. This year, is the first time in my whole life that my hands did not dry out, itch or bleed. My hands are unbelievably soft and feel amazing! I am so greatful to your family for this soap. I will never stop buying, so please dont ever stop making it. You guys are fantastic, and I do recommend your soap to family and friends all the time. I honestly, cannot thank you enough. I love the soap!! :) :) :) :) :)"
- Tanya 

"My 6 year old daughter, has AWFUL eczema, we have tried every soap on the market and those at her doctors office. My friend Tynecee Hettinger orders from you often, so she brought me a bar to try. My daughter with one bath said..."Mommy, I can take a bath and the soap doesn't burn!" I am now placing my 1st order!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
- Melissa 

"My sister in law gave me your website because my granddaughter has really bad eczema and she had heard about you from someone. I ordered some for my granddaughter and for myself. And I absolutely love it. My skin is so much softer and I don't have to use lotion after I shower now. And my son had an allergic reaction and broke out all over his body with a rash. It normally lasts a week or more but I used the purity soap on him and it cleared up so much faster. I just placed my second order last night and got an email this morning that my order has already shipped. I can't wait to get it. I ordered some for my husband to try husband hoping he loves it too."
- Sarah 

"I have been suffering with eczema for many years. After watching The Doctors Show and learning of your family and the soaps you make, I decided to try goat milk soap. I purchased the Problem Skin Pack about a month ago and have slowly tried each soap. I said I would update you on the results. Although the Tea Tree soap felt great & relieved the itching, I found that if I used it daily it actually irritated my skin. Both the Organic Castile & the Purity seemed to work well. Although, I have decided that the Purity works best and have continued using it and find improvement in my skin. I did not wind up trying the Calendula after reading your description & allergy warning since my skin is sensitive to perfumes & such. I will be reordering the purity or purity scrub (got a sample of this one with my order) and want to try the lotion stick & eventually the laundry detergent. I will update you again after longer use of the purity soap. I am hoping the improvement of my skin continues especially once I start using the lotion sticks & laundry detergent. Thank you for making such great products!"
- Elisa 

"Dear PJ and Jonas Family, I placed my first ever order of 8 full-bar GMS soaps last July 22 and they arrived last August 5 which is actually fast given the distance they had to travel - from the US to the Philippines!! I ordered Almond, Black Raspberry, Clean Cotton, Honeysuckle, Lavender, OMH, Organic Castille and Pink Sugary and was pleasantly surprised when you included in the package -- generously so -- 11 TRAVEL SIZE bars that are so delicious and heavenly smelling! That was such a nice birthday gift so thank you so much, it is very much appreciated (my birthday's on July 27). Because of your generosity, I am sharing the travel size bars with my sister and close friends who are also conscious about the products that they use. I love the soaps -- they are so fragrant, beautifully handcrafted (the eco friendly pouch bags are adorable!) and there are so many scents to choose from making bath time such a treat (I'm always looking for an excuse to shower!). My sister's sick and confined in the hospital and when she smelled your soap, it brought a smile to her face for the first time. Your business is not just about creating safe products that beautify the skin, but they also help make people happy. I love your business, your soaps, your family and your commitment into bringing healthy products to people like me! Kindly extend my message to Jim and the kids and the important contribution they are making to society. May God continue to bless each and every one of you and the GMS business! I'll write a testimonial for each soap including the travel size ones to help spread the word about your AMAZING AMAZING products! (I started with the organic castille and I love how creamy, gentle and lightly scented it is. I have eczema and my skin didn't have any adverse reactions to it!). All the best, Teresa"
- Teresa 

"I was at work when I heard a Tv show talking about this soap, I wasnt really tuned in, until I heard that people with eczema had tried this and never turned back. So I had to try it! I received my soap today, I bought the big ocean bar and was so excited to try it. Needless to say I will no longer be buying brand name products that claim to help eczema. First use and my skin feels moisturized. My eczema doesnt feel dry and it doesnt itch. I am a VERY happy customer and I'm glad I found my dream soap =) Thank you every one at G.M.S your product is amazing!!"
- Analicia 

"At first i didn't think it would work but i was amazed at how well it worked on my sons eczema. Thank you."
- Rachel 

"I learned about your Goat Milk Stuff on The Doctors Show. I have been suffering with eczema for many years and have tried just about everything. When I heard that your soap has helped many people with eczema & other skin problems, I had to try it! I decided to order the Problem Skin Pack. I received my order yesterday and couldn't wait to take a shower! The first bar I tried was the Tea Tree & my skin was tingling all felt amazing! I'll let you know what I think after I have used the soaps for a few weeks."
- Elisa 

"Recently I just ordered some of your soaps and lip balm after doing some research on the skin benefits of Goats Milk products. I want to say thank you so much for your products, in the last three days my daughters redness and itchy Eczema flair ups are not irritating her as much. Truly we can't believe in only that amount of time the difference. Also the lip balm is very smooth and non waxy which we love! Thank you so much!"
- Erin 

"I recently bought soap from you guys and I gotta say I LOVE IT!!!! I had bought the problem pack for my daughter and I. She has eczema and I have severe acne. The tea tree oil soap helped dramatically!! And my skin feels so much better now. And with my daughter, she is doing much better! Her skin is not as dry and gets better all the time! Thank you guys soo much!"
- Jessica 

"Wow! I just tried the lotion and soap and it is AMAZING! My eczema is very severe and it already helped! Thank you for making a great product!"
- Lauren 

"I'm one of those people that has really severe eczema. At this point the prescription creams don't do a whole lot other than thin my skin out and cause dryness - I tend to have a lot of open wounds on my hands and fingers, like deep paper cuts, and they're usually infected, sore, very itchy and pretty painful. Washing them is usually something I have to brace for, even with the most gentle commercial soaps out there. This soap is the only brand that not only doesn't hurt, it clears up the eczema and the skin infection, all by itself. Really amazing stuff."
- Faith 

"The soap has cured my eczema, almost! Love it!! Lathers really good to."
- Ann 

"I can't believe how great this stuff is. I've had eczema for years and never liked the very strong steroid cream I was prescribed. A few weeks of using your soap, and it's faded and nearly completely gone. I'm hooked! Now I can have yummy smelling soap AND normal looking healthy skin. My son loves seeing the videos of your boys milking the goats and telling people his soap is made with milk FROM GOATS! Bless you and your adorable family!"
- Becky 

- Dawn 

"Hi! I'm somewhat new to goat milk soap but loving it! My daughter has had bad eczema since she was born. She is now 7 years old. I have been doing different experiments (as I like to call them) trying to figure out what was the trigger for the eczema. Testing foods, laundry detergents, lotions, the list goes on and on. I'm just not the kind of person who accepts that I cant fix or figure out the answer to when it comes to my kids. The doctors are less than helpful! Basically we were just going to have to suppress and deal with it. They never mention "detergents" in laundry, body wash and shampoo. When she was about 6 I came across a blog that mentioned "detergents" as the cause of eczema. That was the beginning of the end of eczema for us! We had tried free and clear, Melaluca, homemade, and many others. But all of them contain "detergents". So I got online and found EcoMe. Detergent free. She got better but not perfect. It took me awhile to figure out body washes and shampoo all have "detergents" also! After using Dr. Bronners which was ok but not compared to GMS, she is now eczema free! :) Well of course unless she gets to comfy at a friends house with a blanket or something of the sort. I am a hair stylist, so the shampoo was the hardest for me to get used to but after awhile her hair looks better not using shampoo. We also don't use conditioner. Just vinegar, it works great. Just wanted to share my story so maybe if someone ask you may come across is struggling with eczema maybe my story could help them be free from the pain and annoyance of eczema. It's defiantly worth the try to go "detergent" free!"
- Mari

"This soap is AMAZING! I found out about GMS on The Doctors, and since I have eczema, I thought I'd try it out. I am so glad I did! I have it really bad on my scalp, and I tried the shampoo bar, and it's been wonderful. The dandruff isn't as bad and my head doesn't itch quite as much. I've also been using the tea tree soap for my acne, and it's really been clearing up. My skin feels so much softer since I've started, and I will certainly continue to buy :). The scents are also really great for allergies, they are light enough to not cause any problems! Try this soap! You will be glad you did!"
- Heather 

"I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU!!! I purchased the tea tree soap for my now 6 year old who suffers form head to toe eczema and it worked wanders for her. It was discovered that soap was her trigger for flare ups but you tea tree has not caused any flare ups. As a matter of fact it has improved her skin a lot. Thanks again."
- Ellen 

"I received my order and love all the scents. I even took them to work to share the scents and one of the girls placed an order with you today. I have had two other people order from you. I think you have a great product, my skin has never felt so good. I have eczema and since I've been using your soap i no longer have to use my prescription ointment from my doctor. Thanks for making a great product."
- Debra 

"My second order from another company named Goat Milk Stuff (GMS) came in today!! (This company consists a family of 8 kids. They are adorable to watch.) As I set it on my desk to take a picture, the scents are amazing! I got 3 samples, smallest one is Luv Spell, Pomegranate Lemonade, and Pink Sugary. I'm addicted to pink sugar scent, but as it sits on the desk, I believe Luv Spell scent dominates and smells intoxicating! The two soaps I've decided to order was a half a bar of shampoo, and a bar of Purity. My best friend recently developed some sort of rash? He stated he was afraid it was eczema so I decided to get him a gift of these soaps to see if it helps it go away, but then again I rather the rash to be a result of harsh winter weather rather than eczema. (I'm too excited about these soaps, selfish if you wanna call it cuz I'm cutting these soaps in half!) Seriously guys, if you love chemical free soap with strong scents, GMS is the way to go."
- Tricia 

"Just wanted to say thank you. I ordered my first two bars of soap last week and they got here on Monday (record time for our Post Office). I am trying them on my son who has some eczema spots and they seem to be clearing up already. Though the biggest surprise was my 13 month old who has had diaper rash for 4 weeks straight now. Gave her a bath with goat milk soap last night and today it is 100% better. So thank you again."
- Amelia 

"Hello Jonas Family!!!!!! here I am 36 yrs old and have had eczema and psoriasis all of my life. All of the doctor visits, creams, pills, and horrifying shots that lower your immune system and well..... My mom found you. your tea tree soap has just about cleared all of my psoriasis up and I wish I would have taken pics for you to show others. It's just so amazing. Doctors don't get it and it is life changing. Now my whole family is using it and I've turned so many others onto your products as well. Keep up the great work that you are doing and you will continue to change lives."
- Heather 

"my adopted son has horrible eczema and only after a few washes with it the results were astounding. Even prescription meds didn't help his:) This soap truly is amazing!"
- Melissa 

"Got my soap and shampoo in today. I have really bad eczema on my scalp, so I'm really excited to see if the shampoo works I've already washed my hands in an OMH sample and my hands are now really soft and smell awesome Thanks Goat Milk Stuff!"
- Heather 

"I placed an order in November and was amazed at how fast I received it. I also loved the homemade thank you letter sent with it. I have 4 children at home ranging for age 9-21 and they all loved the soap. My 9 year old son has eczema and many different allergies and the tea tree soap was wonderful. We have used it all since then and I just reordered today but he has been asking for it since he used the last bit. I also ordered the purity and bug out. My 20 year old daughter is going on a mission trip to El Salvador in March and I think the bug out would be great for her to take with her. We are very excited to try some new products and receive our recent order. I highly recommend these products for everyone!!"
- cathy 

"I saw about your soap on the rare opportunity I got to watch The Doctors. I thought of my grandson who has eczema. I ordered one for him and an extra one for me. My grandson said it didn't work for him, but then again, he was wanting instant results. So he quit using it. I am a different story. I am a diabetic and I've had a sore on my abdomen for over 2 years. Nothing worked to heal it. I used your soap every day and in less than 3 months, my sore is now gone. I love it's healing potential. I will keep trying to get my grandson to continue using it. Thanks"
- Robin 

"Saw you on "Doctors" and placed an order for Purity soap shortly after. My four year old son kept getting Eczema on his little hands and the only thing that helped was Cortisone. He started using your soap and it disappeared. LOVE your soap! I just placed a refill order and the shampoo, as his scalp is sensitive as well. I have to credit my husband for that one though, I didn't think you would have shampoo too! THANK YOU!!!!!!"
- Patti 

"Thank you so much for your products! We have been using the lotion deodorant stick and it is the only thing that has consistently worked for my daughters eczema. It is such a relief knowing that I FINALLY have something to ease her discomfort! Your products are a blessing!! Thank you, again, SO MUCH!!"
- Emily 

"My daughter in law gave me a bar of your soap to try since I have so many skin problems. The first time I used it I got instant relief for my dry skin. I also have eczema and it has gotten worse as I get older. I've already ordered a few more bars of soap. Even got the laundry stain remover. Will give it a try then let you know how it works for me. Thanks so much for making a good product which is so hard to find now days."
- Andrea 

"Got our order of soap in the other day. Used it for the first time tonight. Love it! I have eczema and this time of the year it really flares up, especially on my face. The dryness after washing my face with your soap was gone. My face is really smooth and soft feeling."
- Casta 

"My toddler has been suffering from eczema for a year now and none of the medications he has received have worked. So we thought we would just try this soap since we have nothing to lose and wow we are amazed. Two weeks now and most of his problem-ed skin has cleared up. Definitely ordering more. This will be my soap of choice from now on."
- Estela 

"My 5 month old son had big eczema patches on his back (unfortunately inherited) and no baby products would get rid of it. The more I tried the worse it got. One week of using the Purity bar soap and it was gone!! It hasn't come back yet. I also used it myself and for the first time in a long time my skin doesn't itch after a shower!! Great stuff!!"
- Jessica 

"My grandaughter Aaliyah has had eczema since birth, at 8 years old she has been to doctors from Evansville to Riley in Indy. I read about your soap, so we got a couple bars in the last couple months her skin has improved. She wants to come visit the goats, and see the soap made someday, All of us in the Hines household say THANK YOU for this soap!!!"
- Barry 

"I recently checked out GMS because i had seen a youtube vid review and thought to come check it out. I am a fan of goast's milk soap , i never new how much i would love it, ive tryed many but so far GMS has me hooked . i only bought half a bar last time and geez was i surprised , i suffer from eczema very bad eczema and dry skin to the extream so much that it was painful for me to get into the shower . but when i started using the purity soap my skin texture changed completely from being lather like to supple and so so smooth , ican't stop touchen my skin , i love it so much thank you so much for taken the time to help the eczema community out with your wonderful soap ."
- Sharon 

"Thank you so much for your wonderful soaps! My daughter's eczema that we've been battling since she was born vanished after switching to the Purity soap. I got poison ivy for the first time this week and your jewelweed soap stopped the itchy right away. Plus all your soaps smell fantastic! We love watching your videos too."
- Ashley 

"I recently went on a outting with the family and came across some locally made goat milk soap. I love supporting local business' so I bought a small bar to try. First I'll say that I came upon your soap and goats milk soap in general because I have severe eczema. Well this soap was all natural, smelled great but when I used it, oh it burned my hands something fierce!!! You're soap NEVER burns my skin, that's why I LOVE IT!! Thanks SO much!"
- Nancy 

"I have had eczema every summer since I was 6 months old and now at 56 I have finally found something to get rid of it!! I have used your 'Purity' bar soap on my scalp and on my body for 4 days and I no longer itch! I am thrilled! Thank you so much for sharing your product with the world! (I LOVE your videos too)"
- Carol 

"I just received my second order of soaps and once again I am as happy as a bug on a rug! They all smell AMAZING, lather well and leave your skin clean without stripping it. I have a number of skin issues including eczema and acne and while the soaps are not a miracle cure they definitely help. I also use them to wash my hair which is a huge time and money saver. No more nasty shampoo ingredients for me! I have already converted my mom to your soaps (one whiff of OMH and she was sold!) and for once I know what everyone will be getting for Christmas this year! :) As a homeschool graduate I love the fact that I am supporting a fellow homeschool family! Keep up the good work!"
- Rebekah 

"Hello. I just wanted to express my love for your product. My son has eczema & I was desperately looking for something to help him. I was tired of creams & soaps that didn't work long term. I came across your website & looked @ your selection of soaps but paid close attention to the testimonials. Needless to say I bought the soap (tea tree & purity scrub) & my sons skin has cleared up. I used it too & my skin is softer & all together healthier. I tell everyone about your product. Oh! & I love the bath fizz. Great great. Great products"
- Mysha 

"Wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product! It really does mean so much to our family since my 6 year old son has been suffering with severe eczema all his life. He bleeds, cracks, and cries. For years he was needing a steroid ointment that required covering by clothing after applying (that would be so uncomfortable for him in our hot Tucson summers especially since sweating would aggravate his skin condition more). Such a mess! I randomly found you guys online and since using the tree oil soap and your lotion sticks, he has finally felt comfortable in his own skin! He always carries a lotion stick with him in his mini backpack in case the itchies start, even at school. So convenient! I am so happy to not use steroid ointments anymore, in fact, we haven't had to fill a prescription of it since starting your products 6 months ago. We use the tea tree oil soap, lotion sticks, and the laundry soap to make it happen. We just purchased the bath fizzy to add to our arsenal! Goat Milk Stuff can win the war against eczema! I am impressed :)"
- Sarah 

"Before we used your soap regularily, we used the typical store bought non-natural soaps. Your soaps have cleared up acne and eczema and clears the skin. We will never go back to soap other than yours."
- Matt 

"I tried everything under the sun for 7 months to take care of my daughters eczema then a friend refered me to goat milk soap and i tried it cause i figured how could it hurt and 2 weeks later her eczema is totally gone im never going back to using regular soap again."
- Robyn 

"My daughter and I have been plagued by our terrible acne and eczema prone skin. After years of prescription pills, creams, and lotions, a friend introduced us to the puroty bar as a gift. That bar is the best gift we have ever received. My daughter can wear shorts again :) Thank you so much!!!"
- Amber 

"Hi, I use your purity lotion stick on my 4 month with eczema and I it works wonders!"
- Iris 

"I've been meaning to write and tell you how much I love your soap. My bad eczema is slowly going away and I've only been using the soap for about 2 weeks! Thank you for such a wonderful product!! :)"
- Julie 

"I got my order and like a 10 year old ran from mailbox immediately filling my tub with water. I ripped open package and sank into a luxurious bath with my new bar of honey oatmeal soap ahhhhh! My dry winter skin and eczema thank you and all your goats!"
- Cynthia 

"I received the soap I ordered today and used it right what a difference in one eczema and psoriasis are looking and feeling better this evening..And the hard water didn't seem to make a difference, the soap worked great..I 5/have nice skin again for Christmas..thank you so much.."
- Arlinda 

"So I go to mailbox and my gms order arrived! I ripped open the package like a 10 year old child then immediately ran a tub full of water and settled in for a soak and scrub with my new bar of oatmeal scrub soap! It felt amazing on my dry winter skin and soothed my patches of eczema thanks sooo much PJ and family!"
- Cynthia 

"I had eczema that even top dermatologists couldn't cure. It is now much better after using this soap for 6 months. Good luck!! :)"
- Julie 

"My son and myself both have eczema, but 2 different kinds. Mine only affects my hands and I've found that the purity scrub works best for me. We've tried the purity, purity scrub, and organic Castile on my son and the purity works best with him. His eczema is pretty severe also (has prescription creams for it). Within just a day of using the purity soap his eczema was clearing up. I use it every night on him in the bath and now his eczema is pretty much gone. I will never use another soap on him. This soap really does work wonders."
- Jessica 

"My son had eczema pretty bad and I just had extremely dry skin. we've been using GMS for two years now and noticed improvement in just a month. we started my son on purity. then tried oatmeal milk and honey. He had no reaction so we started different scents. His skin is so soft and smooth. These soaps are the best :)"
- Frances 

"We started with the purity soap on my child w/eczema and myself (psoriasis) we can personally use any of them. We also like to use the lotion sticks - it works great for those "spots."
- Jessica 

"Oh my. Our sons skin was actually soft. You could see his eczema spots were light pink but they looked soothed. So excited to see how they look after a week!! Thank you thank you!!"
- Charlene 

"I work as a nurse, and have had eczema on my hands for years - much worse in the winter. I tried a local goats milk soap and lotion and they were good, but PJ's is much much better. I only use Goats Milk Stuff soap for my face and body. Family hasn't converted yet, but my daughter's boyfriend LOVES the shaving soap. I gave a bar to my boss who recently had double mastectomy - as a nice natural soap for her skin. She sent me a note saying how much she loved it. I rarely use lotion, and the dry elbows I had are gone - with only this soap."
- Mary Beth 

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