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Hand Sanitizer 4oz Spray


Our Hand Sanitizer is liquid-based instead of gel-based and is designed to be sprayed on your hands. It is safe, effective, and portable. Each Hand Sanitizer comes in a conveniently sized 4 oz spray bottle. Choose more than one to keep in your vehicle, pocket, or purse for sanitation on the go! Spritz your hands to remove unwanted germs. Once the scent of the alcohol dissipates, your scent will come through.

We know that scent is very individualized. We’ve formulated our Hand Sanitizers to be strongly scented, but scent strength perception differs from person to person. If you prefer a lighter scent, we recommend purchasing one of our Unscented Hand Sanitizers to blend with your Hand Sanitizer to dilute the scent strength to your exact preference. Select your desired scent from the menu.

*We have some leftover 16oz Hand Sanitizer Refills from our most recent batch of Custom Hand Sanitizers. These 16oz refills are now listed as an option in the menu. We only have 4 of these available and once they sell out, we won't have 16oz Refills again until our next batch of Custom Hand Sanitizers in June 2021!

Our Hand Sanitizer Works Against COVID-19.

Goat Milk Stuff has formulated our Hand Sanitizer to exceed the 60% - 70% alcohol content recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Each 4 oz bottle is formulated with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. The CDC recommends the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol to prevent infections from COVID-19. We make sure that the hand sanitizer meets or exceeds the CDC recommendations.

Our Hand Sanitizers have not been tested in a laboratory or evaluated by the FDA.

Pros and Cons of Using Hand Sanitizer.

When applied correctly, hand sanitizer is your best option if you find yourself in a situation where washing your hands isn’t convenient. It’s portable and can sanitize your hands in a pinch. Make sure you spritz our Hand Sanitizer between your fingers, on the backs of your hands and on each wrist for more thorough sanitizing.

There have been concerns that using some hand sanitizer builds up an antibiotic resistance. This is true if the hand sanitizer is formulated with triclosan. There have also been concerns that some scented hand sanitizers contain harmful parabens and phthalates. The Hand Sanitizer we make locally at Goat Milk Stuff does not contain triclosan and is free from parabens and phthalates. You can rest assured that you're safely protecting yourself and your family with our Hand Sanitizer.

If you are concerned about any hand sanitizer - or its ingredients - causing an allergic reaction, it is important to do a spot test before a full application. People with skin allergies should test our product on a small spot of skin first and immediately wash off if irritation occurs. Do not continue use if you experienced irritation during the spot test.

How Many Times Can You Use Hand Sanitizer Before Washing Your Hands?

Although washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs, it is not the only way to effectively sanitize your hands. There is no set number of times that you can use hand sanitizer before you need to wash with soap and water. However, hand sanitizer is not as effective when your hands are grubby with dirt, dust or other buildup. Remove dirt from your hands and beneath your fingernails with soap and water.

What is the Difference Between Hand Sanitizer and Soap?

Soap cleans your hands while Hand Sanitizers do not. When you wash your hands with soap, it removes any food, dirt, or other materials from your hands and washes it down the drain. Any bacteria, viruses, and germs are also washed away when you wash your hands with soap. The simple action of washing your hands is very effective at cleaning your hands and removing potentially harmful contaminants from your skin.

Hand Sanitizers don’t clean. Instead, they sanitize whatever they come in contact with. So if you have food on the surface of your skin, the Hand Sanitizer will sanitize the food, but not sanitize the skin underneath. Hand Sanitizers are best used on skin when hand washing with soap is not possible.

Will Hand Sanitizer Dry Out My Skin?

Our Hand Sanitizers use alcohol as the sanitizing agent that kills bacteria and viruses. They are also made with organic aloe, which is hydrating and nourishing for your skin no matter how many times you use it! We find that adding the aloe as a moisturizer offsets the harshness of the sanitizing alcohol. Please be aware that the organic aloe we use does contain a small and safe amount of sodium benzoate as a natural preservative.

Choosing to add our Hand Sanitizer to your cleansing routine will help you stay safe and germ-free even if you’re able to routinely wash your hands with soap and water. Choose your favorite scent and we’ll create a Hand Sanitizer just for you!

Does Our Hand Sanitizer Expire?

Generally speaking, our Hand Sanitizer has a shelf life of 1 year. Alcohol is usually the main ingredient in hand sanitizer and it slowly evaporates over time.

Hand Sanitizer Ingredients

Ethanol or isopropyl alcohol; Aloe juice (organic aloe vera gel, citric acid, sodium benzoate); Essential oil (Unscented does not have essential oil added).