"I was so happy to find goats milk soap in a liquid form and with the bare minimum of ingredients! A little goes a long way. Feels great on the skin."

– Linda

"Love the liquid goat milk soap. First time using. I’m using as a facial cleanser. It’s mild, refreshes and leaves skin soft. Only takes a small amount. Will definitely buy again."

– Trish


You’re tired of it. Deciphering complex ingredients to figure out if a mass-produced soap is good for you and your family’s skin.

So were we, which is why we created our all-natural Goat Milk Soap. It's crafted from the fresh milk of our own goats, which offers a nourishing natural alternative without harsh chemicals.

First of all, we want to reassure you. There is nothing wrong with your skin.

It’s actually doing what it should be doing, which is reacting to any harsh chemicals and ingredients that can be found in nearly every skincare product. That’s why we’ve created our Goat milk soap.

Our natural goat milk soap, made with fresh milk from our own healthy goats, has all of the nourishing ingredients your skin needs, without any of the nonsense.

We truly believe that the goodness of goat milk can transform and help heal your skin, without any of the harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients found in most soaps. Why? Because we’ve seen it work first-hand on our family, friends, and loyal customers. Our goat milk soap does more than just clean — it can help heal broken, dry skin as you wash.

What are the Benefits of Using Our Goat Milk Soap?

Naturally exfoliates your skin for a younger look
Contains Vitamin A which supports the repair of damaged skin
No harsh chemicals or detergents
A creamy component that commercial soaps are missing
Rich in antioxidants, making your skin softer
Goat milk soap is a natural moisturizer
Takes incredible care of the health of your skin

Eczema / Dry Skin

Simple and gentle ingredients provide eczema-prone skin with the smooth creaminess of raw goat’s milk.

Acne / Oily Skin

Antibacterial and antiviral properties make it ideal for helping to fight off the infections that are typical with acne.

Psoriasis / Rosacea

Many customers with psoriasis or rosacea have praised our Goat Milk Soap and the positive results it produces.

Keratosis Pilaris / Sensitive Skin

Unlike harsh cleansers that can strip away the skin's natural oils, goat milk is soothing and gentle for hyper-sensitive skin.

Cancer Patients

Our Goat Milk Soap is a great option to gently care for and cleanse your skin after tough treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

Meet the Goat Milk Stuff Family

The Jonas family is a God-loving, hard-working, ever-learning family that seeks to honor Jesus in all that we do. We began Goat Milk Stuff to share the goodness of goat milk with others, to bring Jim home full-time, and to provide an environment where the children could learn to be entrepreneurs.

As the children and Goat Milk Stuff have grown, we've been able to watch all of these goals come to fruition. We have a very simple philosophy when it comes to parenting and educating our children. It can be summed up as follows:

Everything is a God issue and a learning opportunity (including making and selling goat milk soap). Hard work builds character which is an essential ingredient to a successful life. Each of our children are unique individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses and are raised as individuals. The family unit is a team and we all are sometimes called to sacrifice for the team.

Thanks for all of your support of Goat Milk Stuff!

The Jonas Family
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Liquid Goat Milk Soap - with discount code

Liquid Goat Milk Soap - with discount code

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Foaming Liquid Goat Milk Soap uses simple ingredients and the goodness of goat milk to safely and gently wash your hands. The Refill bottle does not come with a foamer bottle which must be purchased separately. Click here...

Foaming Liquid Goat Milk Soap uses simple ingredients and the goodness of goat milk to safely and gently wash your hands. The Refill bottle does not come with a foamer bottle which must be purchased separately. Click here for all Liquid Goat Milk Soaps.

Ingredients: Filtered water; Saponified olive and castor oil; Raw goat milk, Scent (depending on variety chosen).


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Satisfaction Guarantee

Goat Milk Stuff is America's favourite farm-fresh goat milk soap since 2008. Millions of bars of GMS soap have blessed people with soft skin that smells great.

60-Day No Hassle Guarantee

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“I love this liquid soap. It smells so good and feels so soft on my hands after rinsing it off. No lotion needed. It’s a great alternative to bar soap at any sink in the house. Get you some and see for yourselves.”  – Debra
“We have been using goats milk liquid soap for about 2 years now. I had to find something when we moved to the Midwest that helped with dry skin especially during the cold months. I can use it multiple times a day without drying my skin.” – Christy
"My daughter and I love the liquid soap. With 2 little ones, her hands were cracking with all the washing. Until I gave her a bottle of the foaming goat milk soap. She won’t use anything else now." – Susan

We've been raising goats on our farm since 2005. Our goats are well-loved and raised with full-time access to the woods, grass, and fresh-air. Our baby goats are raised on their mom's colostrum and goat milk. Kids nurse for 8-12 weeks and the moms milk for ten months - so there is plenty of extra milk available for all the goat kids and soap!

Our entire family drinks our milk raw so it is important to us to have the happiest, healthiest goats possible. And so our goats are never given antibiotics or steroids.

Unlike other goat milk companies, we don't use powdered milk in our soap. And we've committed to never buying milk from other farmers who may take shortcuts with their goats and the quality of the goat milk.

All of our products are cruelty-free. We only use goat milk from goats loved and cared for on our farm in Scottsburg, Indiana. That way we can trust the quality of the goat milk in all of our soaps!

Absolutely! We've used all of our products on all of our children and grandchildren.

We use the Castile soap on our newborn babies. At two months old we switch them to the unscented Purity soap. And at 6 months, they are able to use any of our scented soaps or stick with the unscented Purity.

Please keep in mind that we do nothing to chemically make our soaps tear-free. We avoid these chemicals and numbing agents because we don't feel their healthy for our babies. Just be careful and gentle around your baby's eyes.

First, select your skin type on our Shop by Skin Type page. Then scroll through our top recommendations for that skin type. Each recommendation has been carefully considered and included based on feedback from our very own customers. Scroll down to the bottom of your skin type page for more information on how goat milk soaps and skincare can help your skin. If you have "normal" skin with no specific issues you want to address, that's great! You can choose any goat milk soap that sounds good to you and enjoy!

Yes! We have a friend with celiac disease and know how important it is to be able to trust that products are gluten free - especially products that are held in your hand and can touch your mouth.

There is no gluten in any of our products and our Purity Oats soap uses certified gluten-free rolled oats.

You can trust all your Goat Milk Stuff to be gluten-free.

When we list any of our products as "unscented" that means that we have not added any scent of any kind - including no essential oils.

We do not do anything to chemically remove the scent of the base ingredients. So our Purity (unscented) soap will still smell like soap - it won't smell like "nothing".

We do also make scented products in our soap room. So you may find that some scent has settled on your packing box or the outside of your bar of soap. Simply remove the packaging and start using and any scent on the outside will immediately dissipate.

While we can't speak directly about the processes of other brands, we can assure you that our fresh, raw goat milk comes from our own healthy herd of dairy goats.

We bring the milk from our barn to our Soaproom on the same property. This milk is fresh and higher in quality than milk that has been transported.

We prioritize natural ingredients and never use ingredients we wouldn't use on our own skin.

We cure the soaps for a minimum of 6 weeks to give you a long-lasting and beneficial bar of soap.

Just because a company puts goat milk into its soap, does not mean that it is a great bar of soap that will care for your skin. We have hundreds of testimonials about how our goat milk soap is better for your skin than goat milk soap from other companies. You can see some of them here:

Not all Goat Milk Soaps are Created Equal

Yes, we do! We make a solid lotion. They are wonderful for your skin and are free of the harmful chemicals and preservatives found in liquid goat milk creams and lotions. The solid lotions give your skin long-lasting, all-day moisture without the greasy feel of liquid lotion.

We make a natural shampoo bar that is full of beneficial ingredients for your hair and scalp. Shampoo bars are a gentle and natural way to cleanse your hair and scalp without any harmful chemicals. If you've never used a natural shampoo before, you may go through a transition period. But after your hair adjusts to a natural shampoo, you might be surprised at how clean, soft and nourished your hair becomes.

Of course! We love connecting with and speaking with our customers. You can either fill out our Contact Form, send an email to soap@goatmilkstuff.com, or give us a call at (812) 752-0622. Leave us a message and we'll return your call as soon as we are able and will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

150,000+ Americans Can’t Be Wrong

29,000+ Customer Reviews
America’s Favorite Farm-Fresh Soap
Natural Goat Milk Soap

Love it!

“The Citrus Tea smells fresh and citrusy. Absolutely love it and my hands do too!”


Great Smell

“This Black Raspberry soap is so good for sensitive skin and keeps my skin soft and protects my little grandkids' skin. Another great smell for the summer.”


What's not to love?

“What's not to love about the Almond liquid foaming soap? It's healthy for you, it smells amazing and when you find yourself having wash your hands over and over, it doesn't dry them out.”


Gentle Scent

"I love the gentle Honeysuckle scent and how it leaves my hands so soft and moisturized! So much better than traditional soap products that leave your hands dry and smell chemical-like."

- Andrea

Amazing soap!

"Amazing soap, silky lather, incredible smell. I love this soap!"

- Marsha