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Many goat milk soapers make claims on the internet that the pH of raw goat milk is closer to skin’s pH, therefore it is healthier for your skin than other soaps. While I do believe goat milk soap is better for your skin, using pH as a reason is not correct chemistry.

Human skin produces a barrier on the skin’s surface known as the acid mantle. As the name suggests, this barrier is slightly acidic and is designed to keep out bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that can penetrate and harm the skin.

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The skin’s acid mantle has a pH normally in the range of 5-6. Despite this slight acidity, one of the best ways to cleanse the skin is with natural soap instead of chemical-laden skincare products. Most cold-processed, handmade soap has a pH in the range of 9-10.

The misconceptions come into play because raw goat milk has a pH in the 6 range, whereas the pH of water is 7. People mistakenly believe that all soaps made with goat milk have a lower pH than soaps or beauty bars made with water. This is simply not true.

The whole pH controversy is merely marketing that is misconstrued and out of control. Manufacturers will tell you that a “low pH” or a “pH balanced” cleanser is better for your face and your skin. But I've yet to see any science that proves that.

Even simple water will disrupt the acid mantle and the pH of your skin. Since your skin quickly replaces the acid mantle (usually at full strength within 2-3 hours), the pH of the soap you use is a non-issue. A lower pH cleanser will disrupt the acid mantle just as a higher pH cleanser does.

Unfortunately, this “pH fallacy” has been perpetuated on many websites due to the nature of the internet. But don’t let it fool you. There is no perfect pH measurement that needs to be achieved for your skin's health. Goat milk soap is better for your skin for many reasons, but pH isn’t one of them.

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Stick with a healthy goat milk soap made with natural ingredients and your skin will thank you for it.

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PJ Jonas
PJ Jonas

April 09, 2022

Hi Gauadalupe – absolutely! Here is more information:
Hope that helps!


April 09, 2022

Can children age 4 use it

PJ Jonas
PJ Jonas

November 02, 2019

Tea C. – sorry for the confusion, we don’t test the pH of our soap because we believe the pH is irrelevant. PJ

Tea C.
Tea C.

October 30, 2019

So, in all if this long paragraph, you didn’t mention the actual PH of goat’s milk “soap”.
What is it?

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