Our Promise To You

Our Promise To You

Welcome to Goat Milk Stuff! We've been raising goats and making goat milk soap since 2005 and we're here to earn your trust as the best goat milk company you can find. And because that's our goal, we are making you a promise:

You can trust us.

As a Mom of eight, I know that it's hard to find products that I can trust. After all, that's the main reason I started making goat milk soap in the first place - because I realized I couldn't trust the baby wash I had used for years. There is so much conflicting information about what is good and what is bad for us and our children. I wanted to simplify things, get past the marketing hype, and know that I could trust the products I was using.

That was one of my main goals when I created Goat Milk Stuff. To give other moms products that they could trust. I said from the very beginning that I'd never make or sell anything that I wouldn't personally use or allow my children to use. This farm is all about raising the healthiest goats possible to make the healthiest milk possible to make the healthiest items possible.

There are a lot of other companies that make goat milk soaps out there, so why should you trust and choose Goat Milk Stuff?

You can trust us to take care of our goats.

Our goats are our "babies". Each one has a name and a personality and we take care of them as naturally as possible. We don't give them any unnecessary medications, feed them well, and give them as much access to grass, woods, and sunshine as they want.

You can trust the quality of our milk.

We have been certified as a Grade A goat dairy in the state of Indiana. Our milk is guaranteed to be healthy because we meet very strict guidelines for the health and quality of our milk and have the regular milk tests to prove it.

Hewitt holding Lavender Goat Milk Soap in soap mold
"I absolutely love the Lavender Goat Milk Soap. The scent is luscious and the lather is so silky. Thank you for continuing to make such a quality product." - Betty W.

You can trust us to only offer goat milk items we allow our children to eat or use on their own skin.

It doesn't matter whether we're talking about goat milk soaps, solid goat milk lotion, or goat milk caramels, you can trust that we personally consume everything we produce. After all, if it's not good enough for our family then it's not good enough for your family.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Goat Milk Solid Lotion
"I have been using the lotion stick after shaving my face and head and I use it for my hands. It is non-irritating and smells great (Oatmeal Milk & Honey). Thanks to you and the goats for a great product" - Charlie B.

You can trust us to offer excellent customer service.

As a busy mom, I don't have time to waste dealing with poor customer service. And you don't either. We have super fast shipping and communicate with you promptly to answer whatever questions or concerns you have.

Washing hands with Calendula Goat Milk Soap
"Absolutely love the Calendula soap, it is very moisturizing and has a nice scent. I only use Goats Milk Stuff products, great products, great customer service and always secure packaging & fast shipping!" - Cheryl W.

You can trust that we are using quality ingredients.

We source high quality ingredients that we can trust. We don't use all organic ingredients because we want to keep our pricing reasonable for families. But we raise our goats in an organic manner and only source ingredients we are comfortable with using for ourselves.

You can trust that if you have an allergy, we still have a skin care option for you.

We have multiple formulas in our goat milk soaps so that people with allergies have options. We do our best to make a variety of skincare products so you can choose the best item for your skin.

Black Raspberry Goat Milk Soap
"I love the smell of the Black Raspberry soap! As with all the others I’ve tried, my skin feels wonderful! I couldn’t imagine going back to regular soap, Goats Milk soap is far superior than any other soap I’ve tried for my allergy prone skin. I love it!" - Sharon F.

You can trust that our soap will last a long time and not melt away.

There are a lot of goat milk soaps out there that simply do not last very long. The soap formula I designed for our family is still the soap formula we sell. As a mom of eight children, I designed a formula that would last a very long time. You can trust that if you treat your soap well and don't leave it sitting in a puddle of water, it won't melt away quickly.

Washing hands with Purity Goat Milk Soap
"I love the Purity soap - it's been my go-to since 2012. It's great for my sensitive skin, and lasts a very long time. I highly recommend Goat Milk Stuff soaps." - Susan M.

You can trust that not all goat milk soaps are created equal and that ours is truly awesome.

Goat milk is a wonderful addition to soap, but it needs to be added to a good soap formula with a good soapmaking process for it to perform at its best. Just because a soap is advertised as having goat milk in it, doesn't mean that it's a great bar of soap. We have been making soap since 2005. We have a great formula, a great process, and great goat milk.

Luv Spell Goat Milk Soap
"I order Luv Spell for my daughter. She loves it. I use a wide variety of your other soaps. All are fantastic!!!" - Diane B.

You can trust us to give it our all.

We know how much hard work is involved in raising goats, running a farm, and making consistently high quality soap and dairy products. We are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to consistently provide you with the best goat milk products that we can possibly make.

You can trust us to stand behind our goat milk products.

We fully test and daily use our goat milk soaps and skincare products. We stand behind them and back that with a satisfaction guarantee.

Indigo using Goat Milk Lip Balm
"I am loving the lip balms and the Coconut is an added favorite! The dry winters in Alaska topped with currently undergoing chemo treatments, a quality lip balm is imperative and I’m so grateful I’ve found yours!" - Carmen C.

You can trust that your Goat Milk Stuff items won't contain any harmful chemicals.

You will not find any of the following in your goat milk soaps or food: petroleum based items, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), dyes, parabens, phthalates, or unwanted chemicals.

Hewitt doing laundry with Goat Milk Laundry Soap
"The laundry soap works very well, leaves your clothes clean and fresh-smelling naturally, without the chemicals of regular detergents. You don’t have to use a lot so it lasts, and you can also use it in any type of washing machine, even high efficiency. I have used it for years and love it!" - Susan W.

You can trust us not to go out of business.

You won't fall in love with our stuff only to find out we're no longer making it. This is a family business with children who are planning to raise their own children in the business. We're already working on transition planning so the next generation can take over some day.

You can trust us to not take shortcuts.

Because we're in it for the long-haul, we don't cut corners. We don't do anything to make a quick profit at the expense of what is absolutely best for our goats and our customers.

Indigo holding Castile Goat Milk Soap
"I have been using the Castile Olive Oil Goat Milk Soap since this summer and won’t use another soap product again. I am a junior in university and have been struggling with cystic acne and then scarring since my junior year of high school and have seriously tried every skin product I could find. I started diving into the “homeopathic and natural” route for the products I use and came across the benefits of using raw goats’ milk as a cleanser. I vetted and researched multiple other goat milk soap companies and Goat Milk Stuff was miles ahead in terms of quality of ingredients. Since I’ve started using this soap my acne has almost completely cleared, blackheads are gone, my scarring has drastically improved, as well as my skin being visibly softer and more improved overall. I was previously using Dr. Bronner’s Soap and my skin was always dry and I still was having breakout, which is the opposite results I’ve had using your soap." - Anonymous

You can trust us not to waste your money.

Some soap companies will sell their soap at lower price to give the appearance of their soap being a bargain. But it's not a bargain if the soap melts away quickly after use. Goat Milk Stuff soap is very long-lasting because I designed the goat milk soap formula for our family. And with 8 children, I need a long-lasting soap! We also offer our soaps in a travel bar size so you can try a smaller piece before committing to a larger standard or mega bar.

Jade holding Bug Out Goat Milk Soap travel bar
"I think this Bug Out soap really works. When I use it in my bath at night I can sit outside the next day with no mosquito problems. If I don’t use it I get the usual mosquito bites when sitting outside the next day. I’m impressed. My husband says he has noticed a Lot less tick bites this summer while using this soap. Thanks a bunch!" - Tami T.

We're not saying we're perfect and we won't make mistakes. But we promise to do our best to fix those mistakes as quickly as possible. If you ever feel that we've not met our promise to you, please let us know so we can fix it! We know that trust is important and once broken, it's not easily repaired. Please know that it is our goal to prove to you that we are completely trustworthy and that we will always act with the highest integrity.

It's our promise to you. You can trust us.

PJ & Crew

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