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The Goat Milk Stuff natural laundry soap includes very simple ingredients - goat milk laundry soap, borax, baking soda, and washing soda. We often are questioned as to why we include borax in the laundry soap. We've already written about the safety of borax and whether or not it is a natural ingredient. We include the borax because there are several benefits that it adds. 

Benefits of Borax in Laundry Soap

Borax will make sure your whites stay white. Borax whitens your clothes without using chemicals or optical brighteners, which are chemicals designed to make your clothes look brighter than they actually are. When mixed with water, borax converts water molecules into hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural whitening agent. When using borax, there is no need for unnatural optical brighteners or even bleach in many cases. And borax isn’t only for white clothes, it will naturally brighten all your laundry, including colors and dark clothes.

Borax will get your clothes cleaner. Hard water is often responsible for causing your clothes to come out of the wash not looking as clean and bright as possible. Since borax is part sodium and sodium naturally softens water, adding borax to laundry soap will help soften the water so your clothes are ultimately cleaner.

It keeps the soap from lingering in your clothes. All soap, even natural soaps, can leave a residue on your laundry after you wash and rinse it. Try soaking a newly washed towel in water, and watch the residue from your average soap come out in the water. Borax, however, will help to keep the soap part of the laundry soap from sticking around in your clothes. Borax contains borates, which are minerals that will help keep the soap from sticking to your laundry.

Borax neutralizes odor. Sometimes washing machines can leave your clothes smelling musty, especially if you are washing things that are particularly strong-smelling, such as animal bedding, diapers, or soiled bedding. Borax contains enzymes that will reduce odors, leaving your clothes smelling fresh.

Borax is a natural disinfectant. It keeps many undesirable organisms, mold, bacteria, fungi, and more from growing.

Borax removes stains. Due to its alkaline pH, borax is particularly good at removing acidic stains such as spaghetti sauce. This makes it a wonderful addition to your laundry soap, where it can help fight stains you didn't even know existed on your clothes. 

Cleaning With Borax

With all of these benefits, borax is good for more than just laundry. Borax is commonly used as a cleaner in the kitchen, where you can use it to wipe down counters and sinks. You can even use it as a natural pest control while knowing it is a natural product that is safe since it is about as dangerous as baking soda.

As with all cleaning agents, there is a slight risk. Do not ingest borax, get it in your eyes, or use it undiluted.

"I really like the laundry detergent! Our clothes are clean, no detergent smell, and best of all, no skin irritations." -Diane
"I absolutely love this laundry soap!!! I do use a little vinegar as suggested by GMS, as a booster, you don't have to, as I do forget sometimes. My clothes come out smelling so fresh and clean! I have always had a problem with my towels having a slight mildew smell when I take them out of the wash. Not anymore, they just smell like fresh water, that is the only way I can think to describe it, it is not really a smell, just freshness! I definitely recommend! Thank you GMS for all your amazing products!" -Deanna
Goat Milk Laundry Soap

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