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Goat Milk Soap

  • How is Soap Made?
    January 18, 2018

    How is Soap Made?

    Soap is made during a chemical reaction called Saponification. The word literally means "soap making" or "turning into soap" as "sapo" is the Latin word for soap. With cold process soapmaking (the soapmaking method here at Goat Milk Stuff), you combine an acid and a base and this produces soap and glycerin.
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  • Raw goat milk
    October 30, 2017

    Raw Goat Milk

    Raw milk is a controversial topic with many advocates believing it is a healthy food, and many opponents believing it is dangerous. There are risks to consuming just about any food (whether immediate from contamination with pathogens or long-term from unhealthy processed foods). It is up to everyone to understand the risks and benefits of any particular food and make a decision as to what is best for their family.  Even though the Jonas family consumes raw goat milk, we do not believe that raw milk is right for everyone.

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  • solid lotion
    September 27, 2017

    Benefits of a Solid Lotion

    Many people are familiar with the lotion that you either squirt out of a tube or pump out of a bottle.  At Goat Milk Stuff, we instead make a solid lotion which is healthier for your skin because it doesn't require any chemical preservatives.  It leaves your skin soft and smooth and many people much prefer the solid lotion once they've made the switch.
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  • Goat Milk From a Grade A Dairy
    August 30, 2017

    Goat Milk You Can Trust

    When it comes to dairy farms, there are two classifications - Grade A and Manufactured Grade (commonly referred to as Grade B).  Grade B means you can legally make and sell cheese and gelato.  Grade A means you can legally produce fluid milk products such as milk, chocolate milk, and yogurt in addition to cheese and gelato. We chose to get our Grade A license because, well... we're Goat Milk Stuff.  And that means people should be able to legally purchase goat milk from us, right?

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  • Can Goat Milk Help with Anemia?
    August 25, 2017

    Can Goat Milk Help with Anemia?

    In general, there is not a lot of research done on goat milk.  So when I discover scientific studies about goat milk I get excited.  In this study, the researchers concluded that goat milk is recommended for people who suffer from iron deficiency (caused by problems with their diet) because it can relieve or even possibly reverse the negative effects of iron deficiency on the human body.
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  • Natural Deodorants to Detox Your Armpits
    February 21, 2017

    How To Detox Your Armpits

    Switching from chemical deodorants or anti-perspirants to a natural deodorant can sometimes cause a detoxification rash, even if you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.  Follow these simple instructions to detoxify your armpits so you can switch to a natural deodorant with ease.
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  • goat milk soap
    May 27, 2016

    Gluten Free Goat Milk Soap

    All of the goat milk soaps from Goat Milk Stuff are gluten free.  We even use certified gluten free rolled oats in our Purity Scrub and OMH Scrub soaps to make sure there is no cross-contamination.  So you can trust these goat milk soaps not to aggravate gluten sensitive skin.
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  • goat milk soap
    January 30, 2016

    Activated Bamboo Charcoal

    Activated bamboo charcoal is said to be capable of drawing dirt and bacteria out of our skin and absorbing it through the charcoal pores. This may help deter acne or other skin conditions. The uneven surface of charcoal may also have the ability to absorb dead skin cells, thereby exfoliating the skin and helping to keep it clean and smooth.
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  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
    January 15, 2016

    Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Tea Tree essential oil has been called the "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to its healing properties and health benefits. But how can it be helpful for your skin?  Find out about the benefits associated with Tea Tree oil and how you try it out with our goat milk products.
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  • goat milk soap
    January 8, 2016

    Almond Essential Oil

    Everyone loves the smell of cherries in their goat milk soaps and lotions, but bitter almond essential oil (which naturally smells like cherries) can only be used with extreme caution. For safety's sake, we avoid using straight bitter almond essential oil. Instead we use a bitter almond blend to scent almond goat milk soaps and lotions.
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  • solid lotion and natural deodorant
    June 30, 2015

    Where's the Goat Milk?

    The reason we can add milk to goat milk soap without it going bad is because soap goes through a chemical reaction called saponification. This reaction takes the inputs and produces soap and glycerin as the outputs. The properties of the milk are in the soap, but it's no longer milk, so it doesn't spoil or grow bacteria. Unfortunately, lip balms and lotions do not undergo this same reaction.

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  • jewelweed goat milk soap for poison ivy
    June 8, 2015

    Jewelweed Goat Milk Soap for Poison Ivy

    Jewelweed is a plant that is often used by herbalists to relieve poison ivy symptoms. We wildharvest fresh jewelweed and infuse it in oils and then use those to make a jewelweed soap and jewelweed salve. This goat milk soap is safe to use before and after trips into poison ivy infested areas, as well as on poison ivy rashes. We do not add any scent to the soap.
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