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Return Policy

Our products are used daily by our family and we're confident of their quality. But we recognize that online ordering can sometimes lead to unmet expectations and so we offer the following return policy. Please read it before ordering if you have any concerns.

Return Policy Summary

  • You may return most items (there are no returns or credits for custom items) within 14 days of delivery.
  • You are responsible for the return shipping costs. No shipping costs (to or from your address) will be credited.
  • When the item is received back, you will be issued a Goat Milk Stuff credit for the amount you paid for the item.

    To return the item

    1. Email us at with your concern.
    2. Package the items carefully so they are not damaged.
    3. Mail it back to us at Goat Milk Stuff  |  76 S Lake Rd N  |  Scottsburg, IN 47170
    4. Include your contact information, order number and any other pertinent information.

    Replacement Shipping Coverage

    We also offer Replacement Shipping Coverage. Please see the RSC page for more information.

    Sample Items

    We offer smaller sizes of almost everything we make. From travel bars for the Goat Milk Soaps to deodorant samples for the Natural Deodorants, a smaller size is the best option if you are trying something new and have concerns about whether it will work well for you.

    Because all shipping (including return shipping) is expensive, we strongly encourage you to order carefully. Consider starting with a smaller size if you have sensitive skin, if you struggle with allergies, if you are unsure of the scent, or if you are trying a new product. 

    Defective Items

    We have a strong quality control program at Goat Milk Stuff and usually the only product defects we have occur with defective packaging such as spray bottles that won't spray.

    Please reach out to us if you have a problem before returning the item, since it usually does not need to be returned.

    Not liking the scent or feel of a product does not make it a defective item.

    Scent Preferences

    The most common reason given for wishing to return an item is "unhappy with scent". Sometimes the scent is too strong, sometimes it is not strong enough, and sometimes the scent is not what people expect.

    Please keep in mind the following truths about scent:

    • We do our best to accurately describe the scent of items, but please understand that everyone's sense of smell interprets scent a little bit differently. 
    • The same scent will vary somewhat depending on the product it is added to. For example, the lavender scent will smell slightly different when it is in soap vs in lotion vs in hand sanitizer.
    • We do our best to reach the "sweet spot" when it comes to the amount of scent added. But because everyone perceives and prefers scent differently, to some it may be too strong, to others not strong enough, and (hopefully) for the majority it will be "just right". 
    • There will always be some scent variation between batches. We are using droppers and scales (accurate to grams) to measure the scent added. We do not make massive batches with computerized equipment precision. We are as accurate as possible but some batches may smell stronger to you than others.
    • Your product is not defective simply because you may not like the scent.

    Ordering Incorrect Items

    Sometimes you realize after your order shipped, that you ordered the wrong item. If this occurs, when your order arrives, do not open it! Instead, mark it "return to sender" and ship it back to us unopened. This will prevent you from being charged for return shipping.

    Custom Items

    There are no returns on any custom items. We do our best to accurately describe and custom create an item that meets or exceeds your expectations. But because the items are custom, they can not be returned.

    Order Error

    We work very hard to have your orders shipped quickly and with no errors. One person pulls your order, another person checks it, and a third person boxes it up. Despite these quality checks, sometimes an error still occurs. If this happens, just take a photo of what you received and email it to us with your order number.

    We will get the error corrected quickly and reship or credit you for what you should have received. If any items that were sent in error need to be returned, we will get you directions on how to return them as easily as possible, with no cost to you.

    Allergic Reactions

    If you tend to have allergies or sensitivities, please be sure to try the smallest size of our products first. If you experience an allergic reaction to one of our items, please take a photo of the reaction (assuming it is in an appropriate location) and email it to us with your order information and what product caused the allergy. We will work with you to quickly resolve the issue.

    Repeat Returns

    We reserve the right to no longer accept returns and issue credits for people who repeatedly order and return items. This will be addressed on an individual basis if it becomes a problem.

    Order Cancellations

    If your order has not yet shipped, you may cancel your order. There is a 5% cancellation fee. We ship very quickly, so your cancellation window is not very large.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with everything you purchase from Goat Milk Stuff. We've been in business over twelve years and have hundreds of testimonials attesting to our wonderful customer service. We're here to make sure that you have a great experience with Goat Milk Stuff as well.

    If you have any questions about this Return Policy, please ask before placing your order.