Goat Milk Soap

What Is a Natural Humectant, and What Are the Benefits for You?

Your skin may experience drying conditions such as hot weather, winter air, or an arid climate. If your skin is dry, a humectant will draw water to your skin, and emollients and occlusives will help your skin retain that water. Discover natural humectants and how Goat Milk Soaps and Solid Goat Milk Lotions keep your skin moisturized and healthy.
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Does Goat Milk Soap Kill Germs?

One reason we wash our hands is to avoid getting sick. But how can you know if your soap is really getting rid of the germs on your skin? Find out about germs, your skin, and how to wash your hands effectively with goat milk soap to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.
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Is Goat Milk Safe for Dogs?

Raw diets for dogs are said to be important by many people. Often raw goat milk is included in those diets. But do you know if goat milk is really safe or even beneficial for your dogs? Find out if you can give goat milk, either raw or pasteurized, to your furry family members.
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How to Help Dry Winter Skin

As cold weather sets in, our skin gets drier and it needs extra attention to stay healthy. This requires taking steps to moisturize your skin and avoid chemicals that can negatively impact the health of your skin. Find out how to treat your skin well during the dry winter months.
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Wash Your Hands With Goat Milk Soap

Our family does our best to avoid the flu season by making sure to always wash our hands thoroughly after a range of activities. By using goat milk soap, we not only get our hands clean, but we also get the added benefit of healthy skin. Learn how to avoid germs by washing your hands with goat milk soap.
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Eight Reasons You Should Use A Natural Laundry Soap

Most people switch to natural bath and body products when they are trying to live healthier lives, but often laundry is not taken into account. Find out how to treat your clothes and your skin well by using a natural goat milk laundry soap instead of store-bought detergents that can be full of unnecessary chemicals.
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